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 + friends in high places, women empowering women - big group
anne rosemary lloyd
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This want ad is going to be rather simple. These women are going to be a tight knit group of women empowering women. They are going to be there to support each other through thick and thin. They are going to have arguments that they will overcome and apologize for. All in all…

They will love each other to the end of the earth!

I would really like these women to be around the same age as Anne (who is 55 and turns 56 in September 2017). For all of these women, they could have lived in San Diego and befriended each other that way. Some of them could have been friends and one brought the other into the group or they both found the group and never left. I’m honestly game for anything just as long as they are tight-knit, love each other, and support each other!

Though, I would like at least one individual to have been friends with Anne when she had originally been in San Diego.

These faces aren’t a must, but they are some ideas!
Viola Davis. Heidi Klum (I know she is younger, but she is fab). Julia Roberts. Lucy Liu. Salma Hayek. Nicole Kidman. Octavia Spencer. Lauren Velez (who I think now goes by Luna Lauren Velez maybe?). Debra Messing. Megan Mullally. Famke Janssen. Halle Berry.

Spirits are completely open! Occupations are open! I’d really love to see more in some high power positions while others are struggling and the group helps them out by finding their passion or whatever (because don’t tell me people their age have all found their passion because they haven’t). I encourage all walks of life. I would really love the diversity of the group to be what makes this group so strong and powerful!

So, please, make some fabulous women who are game for supporting their fellow friends no matter what is going on.

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