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anne rosemary lloyd
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anne r. lloyd

just stop and think a minute
Anne grew up in San Diego with her twin sister, Athena. Her parents expected her to be independent and successful and never accepted anything less. She quickly got into dance and has never left the dance world since.

When she was 19, she moved to LA to pursue her career. She worked hard, but nothing came out of it so a couple years later she found herself back home now working as a dance teacher for the little youngins who were dipping their toe into the world.

She continued to do that until she had an opportunity that she couldn’t resist, a chance to choreograph overseas. When she was 26 she made the move to France. That is where she remained, with a few trips back home, until a few months ago when she decided to come back to San Diego once her husband died.

Anne is a kind, cooperative, nurturing individual who is also pretty wise. She will make sure her friends are taken care of and will be there to support them. Though, she is a gossip so if they have something juicy there is a chance it could be spread (she’s working hard on not doing that, but old habits die hard).

I’d really love some old friends who knew her before she went to France or even someone who came back with her from France (I will be requesting these people). I’d also like her to have new friends where she can start over and really enjoy life.

Despite her best efforts to change, Anne is a gossip. This could cause problems with some people who would rather their dirt not be aired out or in some cases false rumors not be aired out. She is also disorganised and scatterbrained, not to mention noisy, so I can imagine that might rub people the wrong way as well?

She is a head choreographer, so maybe there is a rivalry in there? Anne can be mean to the kids sometimes (though she does ask them how it made them feel afterwards and uses it to try and push them not just to be mean), so that might anger some parents or dancers.

Anne’s husband died a couple of years ago. There is a part of her that is ready to dip her toe back into the dating pool, but she also does have a crush on Triton Waters that she is kinda hoping things work out for.

Since she had lived in San Diego before, I am open to previous relationships (or even when she was in LA or France before she met Leon [her late husband]). Maybe even now because she isn’t sure that Triton will ever reciprocate feelings for her? But, since it is part of the plot I took up I want you to know that I do want her open for whomever makes Triton just in case they really do mesh, so we could go through their whole relationship of being happy together and realizing it doesn’t work which will also be loads of fun!


Co-workers, dancers, whatever else. I want it all. Please give it all to me.
  • 55 years old
  • choreographer
  • imperium
  • heterosexual
  • gossiper
  • nuturing
  • disorganized
  • hard-worker
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