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 Vogel, Ayasha Iris, Iago, Chloe Norgaard, Luna
ayasha iris vogel
It's Complicated/CEO Of Kaarne Inc
PRONOUNS: she/her
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chloe norgaard

it's complicated

ayasha iris vogel

10 Personality Traits
  1. Sarcastic: She prefers to call it witty but quite honestly she has a comment for everything and anything. Like, absolutely anything, She can’t help herself. She doesn’t know how to keep her mouth to herself. If something that comes out of her mouth isn’t sarcastic or rhetorical that’s probably because she’s gotten bored with the conversation. So it’s really better if she’s being sarcastic, it means you have her attention.
  2. Greedy: She would not call it that. At all. But it’s true, she’s entirely greedy. She could do just fine on her own with her money from her job but what does she do? Run jobs for that bastard she worked for for a time. She just wants it all for herself.
  3. Self Centered: See, she wouldn’t call herself that either. She’s just looking out for herself, what’s so wrong with that? That’s what she would say anyway. She just sees no reason for herself not to be on top at all times. Nothing wrong about that. She just prefers to be all about herself, everyone can shove it. There’s no one that matters. Not anymore.
  4. Guilty Conscience: Aya will do absolutely anything that’s asked of her, especially if there’s something in it for her, but in the end she’ll feel bad about it and try to do something to make it better, not fix it of course because she doesn’t have that much of a conscience, but enough to do some fixing…but what good is that after all the damage is done?
  5. Sadistic/Masochistic: Aya always seems to be suggesting something perhaps a little bit too dark and it’s never really clear whether or not she really means it at all, which is a bit scary to some people. She also, well, if you rough her up she may just laugh. She doesn’t like being hurt really, which is why the title isn’t appropriate but she doesn’t let it bother her too much either.
  6. Front: Aya puts up a front that makes it look like she doesn’t care about anything. She’s always bored seeming, always off in her own little world but in reality she’s almost always paying attention, almost always a bit jittery and looking out for herself. She was a street kid, what more do you expect?
  7. Easily Manipulated: If you know what makes Aya tick, it’s rather easy to get what you want out of her. Promise her something that will keep her on top. She works for the highest bidder really.
  8. Mimic: She’s very good at voices, accents, things like that. Honestly she should go into movies. Really, she’d be a damn good voice actor. What does she use it for? Being a brat and mocking other people.
  9. Tomboy: For all that she dyes her hair often and seems slightly girly, Aya often has a more boyish attitude about her, she slouches, she says what she wants, she’s not the type to get in a cat fight, she just seems to be more in touch with her masculine side, and it sort of shows in the way she behaves and acts.
  10. Smart: It doesn’t often show when she’s being a sarcastic brat or she’s being manipulated to high hell but Aya picks up on things, she learns quick, she thinks quick. She’s proud of this too even though she keeps it to herself, for her own survivals sake.
9 Rumors
  1. Her parents gave her up, she was too much trouble and they could never get her to keep her mouth shut [False, she ran away at sixteen because she wanted to try to make her fortune and thought they were holding her back]
  2. She works for the Shadowy figure she works for of her own free will, she could do so much better [True, though she’d say otherwise]
  3. Her hair is always rainbow to distract from herself, to keep people from really noticing her, they just notice the hair [True, it’s easier to do what she wants if people are too distracted by her hair to notice her face
  4. She once was addicted to drugs while on the streets, she just got too caught up in this life [False, she’s too smart for that according to her, but in reality she just…didn’t want to waste her money on an addiction]
  5. She can sing [so false it isn’t even funny]
  6. She is in love with the man that she works for, that’s why she keeps going back to him [That…she insists…is complicated]
  7. The only time she ever got caught was after she broke into a house, she broke back in to return some of the things she had taken because she felt bad [True, she wasn’t in jail long because the people she took from dropped the charges]
  8. The people she stole from, the one that landed her in jail, are the ones that own the pet store she works in [True, and she finds it hilarious, to be honest]
  9. She chews gum always to keep herself from talking so much [False, she will damn well talk all she wants, gum or not]
8 Habits
  1. Ayasha almost always has a stick of lime gum in her mouth and is nearly always popping bright green bubbles, even as she’s talking, with no worries for what anyone else thinks.
  2. She will never have the same color hair for longer than two weeks, often she dyes right over the older color to keep from damaging the hair too much, but she likes to keep the rainbow changing.
  3. She has two birds of her own, and the habit part of it: she talks to them quite often trying to teach them how to speak, she enjoys the irony of this. She’s just good with birds, all animals really.
  4. When she’s out she often has a black beanie on her head to cover up most of her hair.
  5. Tapping her fingers against her thigh, she can never sit still, it comes from having done bad things and a guilty conscience, really, though not guilty enough to stop.
  6. Scuffs her feet on the ground, a lot, can’t help it.
  7. Arching her brow, she almost always is, either sarcastically or seriously.
  8. Mimicking people, honestly she barely notices that she does it under her breath near constantly. She just…does it.
7 Memories
  1. She wanted to act, she wanted to be a star, what she wanted to be changed so often it was hard to keep track but they always had one thing in common, she wanted to be famous, she wanted to be a big name, she wanted to be everything and they were holding her back from her potential. Honestly, she just wanted to be rich, even at sixteen. She had told them this but they said she didn’t need acting lessons or voice lessons or whatever it was that she decided she needed because she changed her mind every month. She was going over this in a huff as she shoved her, then natural red, hair into a black beanie and finished shoving clothes into bag. She opened her window too and didn’t bother going to their rooms to see what they were up to. She was bored of this New England town. She wanted to be big. She had been taking money for months to get across the country. And she was so out of here. With a whispered goodbye and the first twang of her guilty conscience, Ayasha—then named Iris, which would later become her middle name—slipped out her first story window and ran for the bus stop. She was out of there.
  2. She had made it all the way to California but that was where the money started to run thin. She was hungry, she was in pain from the hunger, she couldn’t carry on. She hated the idea of eating from the trash, it made her want to hurl. She opened a trashcan and lookat it, trying to hide her disgust and failing. She couldn’t do this. She hadn’t eaten in a day, she had to od this. She had to. She didn’t want to die, not like this, not on the streets. So she took a deep breath and shoved her hand into the can.
  3. Aya leaned her head back against the wall, eyes closed, her duffle bag against her feet. She had made enough money doing imitations, voices, to get a sandwich and damn had that been good.She had been lucky to discover that talent and had been using it in the town of San Diego to make her money, never a lot but enough, to eat for the past three months. She slept in shelters when she could and debated calling home often, but the temptation to make it big…it was too great. She watched with idle brown eyes as people passed by. She wondered what they thought of her?
  4. He stood over her, it had woken her up. Such potential he said as he looked at her with an arched brow and she scrambled to sit. What the hell? Was her obvious answer but he didn’t bother to really give her an answer. He had seen her “Act” he thought she could help him and he would help her. He would let her stay with him as long as she did whatever he asked without question. Later she’d learn that he actually saw her stealing a few things from a shop with her quick fingers when the money she’d made wasn’t enough. Later she’d learn she should have said no. But anything to be on top, anything to get out of this gutter and finally start making her fortune.
  5. She couldn’t help it. She felt bad. She looked down at some of the stuff she hadn’t fenced for him yet. Some of the stuff that she could give back as long as they didn’t notice. She slipped in through the window, same as she had slipped out her own over three years ago now—wow had she really been working for him for two years?—and didn’t notice the silent alarm. She didn’t notice until suddenly the police were there and she was in handcuffs. Later, a woman would ask her why she was giving it back, and she would refuse to answer. Later they would let her go and tell her shocked face the charges had been dropped. Later, well later they would be too kind.
  6. She had saved up enough to get her own place. She looked back towards where she knew he slept, where she had slept a time or two. Later he’d find her anyway, get her working for him again anyway, but for a moment she had a conscience. For a moment she had decided to leave that life, just work at the pet store, be…good. It didn’t last long. She had taste for being bad, and she liked it. But for that moment she slepped out, and intended to start yet another new life. One that wouldn’t stick.
  7. It was a year. It had been a year. Just a year? It had felt so much shorter. The freedom had been nice, doing only the things she wanted to do and keeping all her money had been nice. The lack of money? Not so much. And that was the note at the door spoke to. Money. Getting on top. One more job, the note said, he wanted her for one more job. She didn't even bother to ask how he had managed to find her, she had been with him long enough that she wasn't surprised. One more job. She nodded a little bit to herself as she paced her apartment. She could do that. Years later she wished she had said otherwise but...hey...all for the sake of getting on top.
6 Things She Needs
  1. Her gum: Don’t try to get her to explain it, she just needs to constantly be popping that lime green gum of hers, constantly. She never stops.
  2. Recognition: Not technically a thing, but she wants to be on top, she wants to be noticed, she wants to be the big cheese, she won’t stop until she is.
  3. Physical things: She is the type to need things, money, items, clothes, the best, she wants it and she craves it like a druggie with a fix, its not that good actually, she’d do anything for it.
  4. Her Beanie: She thinks its easier to get around with it, for all that her rainbow hair does help because it makes her stand out and people will remember the hair but not her, sometimes she just wants to be invisible.
  5. Her hair dye: She would get so bored if her hair went back to just plain red!
  6. A charm: Most wouldn’t even know its there, it looks nothing like anything important, to most it’s just a rock. Hanging on a silver chain. But it’s important to her for more reasons than anyone would ever be able to guess
5 Random Facts
  1. I haven’t mentioned it yet, but what does Aya do for the shadowy man *Jafar* that she works for? Just about anything. She’s fenced items without thinking twice about it because she gets a cut, she’s robbed and stolen, she’s done silly things like run errands that are perfectly legal but a lot of the things she does…not so much. She actually has no idea what he actually does, and she doesn’t ask. She just runs his errands.
  2. When she moved to San Diego she decided her name wasn’t Iris anymore, she changed it to Ayasha just because it was so radically different and changed the last name all together. Why? SO she couldn’t be sent home. That’s also part of the reason she dyes her hair so often. She doesn’t want to go back even when life was so hard for her. She wants to be on top, going back home would be the ultimate bottom.
  3. When she spoke to the woman, the one that she had robbed from but ended up giving her a job, she shared a lot of her story, being on the streets and how she had gotten roped in to it but she kept his name out of it and refused to share, and begged the woman not to either, something she did. She also offered to take Aya in for a time but she was 19, she was proud, she wasn’t going to do that. So instead the woman offered a job to her.
  4. It’s been nine years since she took the job at the pet shop, so what’s she been doing since then? Working on and off for someone she shouldn’t, trying to silence her guilty conscience, and trying, still, so hard to get her name out there and be a big name so she can prove to her parents that she can be something, someone big, like they never thought she could before. How did the Shadowy man she works for get her working for him again even though she swore she’d stop? Even though she ran away? He promised her riches, money, fame, the whole bit. He knows her, he knows how to work her. It was all she had to hear, and she was right back there. Perhaps she could be reformed again, but it’s not likely…not now anyway.
  5. She’s well aware that she’s Iago, and she’s well aware she was a bird and she doesn’t mind too much, though she’s also aware that’s why she’s such a tomboy. She tries not to be too freaked out by the whole thing.
4 Texts
  1. ”Ay? Bee-yotch where are you? I thought we were meeting today? You flaking on me again ? Seriously. You know what, fine. I’ll go on my own. Find your own way there.”
  2. “You’re smarter than this, Ayasha I’d love it if you could come over and we could have tea, perhaps talk about you taking some of the money you earn in the shop and go to class, get back into school. You’re so bright, don’t waste it away.”
  3. ”Hello little bird. You know where to meet me. You know when. I’ll see you then.”
  4. ”Hey I saw you today! You looked like you were on a mission so I didn’t bug but I’d love to hang out later, kay? Love the blue by the way, though I think the green was better.”
3 Secrets
  1. She almost always returns something she’s taken, not all of it because then she wouldn’t get paid, but a bit. It eases her conscience. She also almost always does something to give back with every bad thing she’s done.
  2. She sort of maybe fell for the man she works for, but she hates it so she pretends it didn’t happen, she doesn’t like him. She just seems to have fallen for him. She admires that he can do what he does and not falter like she does.
  3. She wishes she never fell on the wrong side of the tracks because now that she’s there she sort of likes it.
2 Abilities
  1. Her sarcasm and her voice: She’s good at mimicking, this is true, but she’s also good a lightening most situations with a bratty comment or a sarcastic and biting one.
  2. Smart: She picks up on things. She’s been watching the man she works for and picking up his tricks, she’s been watching others, trying to pick it up. She knows she could be book smart but she’s decided street smarts are more important. And will get her farther.
1 Dream
  1. I dream of a time when I’m on top. I don’t have to worry, I don’t have to worry about a thing because it’s all mine, all of it. People know my name, my parents have apologized, I don’t have to care at all because I’m rich and I can appease my guilty conscience all I want with the riches. I’m the big cheese, it doesn’t matter how, as long as it happens.
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