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Most people have a cell phone attached to their hands. It is a vital key to keep in touch with those around you. So, don’t just check the game scores make sure to call and text those loved ones.
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Some people need to write down their feelings in order to help express themselves. However, one just needs to be careful that they don’t keep it out in the open or who knows what could happen.
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Letters have almost become obsolete due to current technology; however, sometimes it is better to write a letter to someone rather than email them. Maybe you have a penpal that you connect with. Pen and paper can make a big difference don't be afraid to write.
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An application is great for getting to know yours character, but sometimes there is something else you want to do to get to know them better. Maybe a survey or a compilation of things you have learned about them from games. Anything you can think of may be placed in here.
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