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Friday the 13th has always been a day when superstitious people are cautious about what they do, certain that bad luck would follow them. San Diego has seen more bad luck than most. Every Friday the 13th the people of San Diego seem to remember another life. Some of them wake up the next day and think it's a dream, while others remember and know what they experienced was true. This year, San Diego residents find themselves in a whole new world. They are in a town that is obsessed with Halloween. So obsessed the name of the town is Halloween Town. Looking around, there are skeletons, actual skeletons, driving. Everything is different and like an odd dream. However, it gets more confusing, they aren't in the body that they know. They are in a different body. They are in a body that they have possibly dreamed about or experienced before on another Friday the 13th or some other odd event. They are in their spirits body and wandering around Halloween Town, unsure of how they got there or how to get home.
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Fall has started! For many, they are eager to change some of the decor in their house to give it a different feel. They are ready for hot chocolate and pumpkin flavored things. The fall festival gives them a chance to do just that! This festival will give people the chance to try some of their favorite pumpkin flavored things and drink hot chocolate. People will have come from all around to show off their homemade items that you can purchase. Some local bands will be providing entertainment. But, don't count kids out from this either. There will be inflatable bounce houses for them to enjoy! The fall festival is an event for everyone, so come out and celebrate fall with us!
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Going to pick pumpkins is part of a holiday tradition for some. The pumpkin patch is ready to be looked through to find your perfect pumpkin, but that is not all! For the little ones, there is a little playground to enjoy. There is a massive slide and a little train that goes around the area they can enjoy. It's guaranteed to be a fun experience for everyone!
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Halloween is a time to party (or scare people depending on who you ask). The annual monster bash is back and ready to let everyone party. You can come in your best costume and enter the costume contest where there will be a cash prize! Bands will be there to give you the chance to dance enjoy the spooky show. October 28th the party is going to be going on through the night at the Gaslamp Quarters, so don't miss out.
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