welcome to fantasies unwind, an animation personified role-play! we've been open for five years as of october 2017, and are excited about the next five years!
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You can talk about anything here. Just make sure that whatever you do talk about here it is polite. We have manners make sure to us them.
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Games all around! They can be in character or out of character. Just make sure no to abuse this section.
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remember that sweet new feature we announced? the plot buttons? well here is where you can post plot buttons for people to use! you could also open up shop for suggestions for the people who may not be so graphically oriented. now go, create those wonderful plot buttons!
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This is the only area that advertisements should be placed in. If found anywhere else they will be deleted. Please when posting make sure to post in the correct forum.
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If you would like to affiliate with us than don't be afraid to post here! scroll to the bottom of the page to see all of our affiliates!

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All the old threads will be moved here.

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