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 Pyschic thoughts, Harry Potter AU
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The Divination professor stared with one seeing eye and one blank eye up and up and up into the high rafters above her classroom. She was currently leaning as far back in her chair as she could, tilted back on two legs which was probably dangerous. Not because of the force of gravity but because of the last time she had done this: when she had been leaning back on the roof and her stupid Inner Eye decided that was a perfect time to remind her she was a Seer. She had nearly fallen off the roof but she had stopped a bomb from going off in her mother's shop months later. Win-win. Though her mother still insisted on practicing her Divination for muggle despite that risk. Spacey woman.

Though she did have Prophecies at the Department of Mysteries so her youngest daughter supposed that meant she could be as spacey as she liked.

Ash, on the other hand had yet to land one that important. And didn't want to. She was quite content to stick to being a professor and teaching the imprecise art she had aced when she had been at school herself, though natural talent in this area did run like a silver thread through her family line so it wasn't much a surprise. Absently she twisted and turned the card she had pulled from her deck this morning- the tower, always the damn tower- in one hand and carded her fingers through the fur of one of her hounds with the other.

She kept pulling the damn tower card from her deck. Kept seeing dark things in her tea leaves and shadows in her stupid crystals. Anyone who said Death was the scariest card had no idea what they were talking about. The Tower was the card to fear when it all came down to it. In truth, she hoped that spacing out would stir her Inner Eye. Another reason she probably shouldn't be tilted back in her chair. If she did indeed See, she'd end up on her ass. Or hitting her head. Or losing the other eye. Bad enough she had lost the one, though it did make it easier to scare her students into behaving when she turned the milky white one on them and said she was seeing beyond them. That was entertaining enough.

Something bad was stirring. She could feel it. But that wouldn't be enough for her. Never was. Her spacey mother might spout off any little idea she thought even slightly possible to happen but the sisters were more...careful. She was right or she would not open her mouth. Perhaps she should reach out to her sisters...it always worked better when she was with her sisters...

Her sense of dread only grew and grew. Something wrong. She saw nothing but shadows. It grew inside of her gut and culminated in the door to her classroom opening when she didn't have class for another hour. BANG! She slammed her chair back down to the ground with a crack and glared at the person who... Well either they were at the center of this - victim or perpetrator - or they had simply interrupted her when she was so close. "What?" she asked. On a more emotional person it might have come off as a snap.

im on an open AU kick xD

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