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 Mirror shards, Superpower/supervillain AU
ayasha iris vogel
It's Complicated/CEO Of Kaarne Inc
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When she was born she had been average. All around average. Not the sort that you looked at too closely, you see? The sort of girl you saw and then forgot about later. As a child, it irritated her. In her mind, she was smart and talented and deserved more than she got! She wanted people to notice her. In fact, she practically demanded it. It was what caused her to flit from one thing to the next, determined to show off. The first issue was that she always grew too bored too quickly. Until she found something to entertain her greatly: she could change.

From one day to the next she learned this. Nothing special triggered it, not at all. It just...happened one day. And she was careful to keep it under wraps. Some instinct kept it even from her parents. Some instinct that had been born after hearing her parents criticizing superheroes and supervillains alike as they watched the news each night. Instead she was careful. The young teen kept a photo of herself on her at all times so she'd never forget what she was supposed to look like. She went to her lessons as herself and she paraded around each night as someone else, testing her limits and who she could be. Now, to get to the second issue: the second issue was that her parents never said no.

Until they did.

So one day at the gentle age of fifteen and a half she disappeared, leaving behind her photos and Iris was never heard from again. Instead she became someone else entirely. Whoever she needed to be. And, well, she never claimed to be nice. Why use her powers for good when it was so easy to be bad? A spy that changed her face was never caught. A pickpocket shapeshifter was the easiest to lose in the crowd. She became something far from a superhero. The Little Rainbow Bird did as she pleased and damned be whoever tried to stop her as she rose in the ranks.

It was almost too easy to forget herself among her personas. Shiloh was the name of the tall, dramatic dark haired beauty that teased secrets from lovers lips on their pillows. Lilah was the mousy brunette with the glasses working on her masters degree. Amber was the well rounded red head who always had a listening ear for her patrons from behind the bar. Asher was the gangly goofball hanging out and making friends. Ayasha...Aya was her. With the rainbow hair that shifted so slowly it was easy to miss and the blue eyes. Tiny, witty, the one who made the deals and lived in the penthouse.

She had to remind herself she was Ayasha often.

It was almost too easy to forget.

Almost as easy as this job, she thought as she carefully blended in with the crowd around her and used them as well as the night to cover her shift from one form she had abandoned as soon as she was done into the rainbow haired girl. The beanie over her hair and glasses covering half her face helped disguise the shift. She was at this game a long time. Her cover barely noticed her use of them. Maybe a startled double take or two but the human mind always makes up excuses for what it saw rather than accept the impossible. Even with the impossible all around them each day.

Pathetic, she scoffed as she broke out of the crowd for another one. Or at least attempted to. A hand on her arm pulled up her momentum. She tried, and failed, for a sweet smile at that and whirled. "You know, it's rude to grab," she purred in a fairly sweet tone.

ohhey, https://s19.postimg.cc/e19f7p3cj/4uGhZqO.png

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