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Ainsley was stubborn. All the way through stubborn. Once she committed herself to a thing, she was determined to see it through. Immovable as the rocks that she so adored if her PhD in Geology said anything about that. She was not, however, the sort to stick in a place even after, perhaps, her welcome had been worn out. Oh no, she was first and foremost a nomad, much like her parents, and had always been. Even if once she had sworn she hated it. Now she moved on quickly if a place didn’t work out. But she had sworn not to do so this time.

Not out of sentimentality, though there was the fact that her old friend was here and she wanted to try and spend more time with Clair, prove that the only time she had thought herself really happy was not a fluke. No, though that played a factor, she thought that San Diego would be an interesting place to settle for a little while. There were plenty of places nearby that she could study, plenty of new and interesting things to check out, and those that weren’t here were close by. She even had a vibrant night life to sink into when she decided she wanted to let go for a time.

She was just having a bit of trouble settling in. It was probably because she had decided to settle that suddenly everything about settling bothered her. Her new place was too big, her options too few, she wasn’t meeting people, everything made her grumble but she was pretty sure it was just because of that: she had decided to settle for a time and she didn’t remember how to. She had only done it for brief periods after all.

One way she thought might help was the university. Second and second-most to being a nomad, she was a scholar. Her parents were scholars, and had lived for academia and she had followed in their footsteps. So perhaps it was time to take up a teaching job on top of the work she did at the flower shop—a place she quite enjoye working actually, it was nice to fall into that familiar rhythm. But teaching… that was something that might help her stay put, at least for a semester or two. But first, she needed to check ou the place.

Oh, she had been here before. But not for longer than a little while, long enough to make friends with a music professor at least. But now for her, to see if it was right for her. She set foot on campus and it was buzzing. Just starting. She’d probably not get a position here this semester unless they really needed someone or had a opening to fill. But it was a good start. She sat in on a lecture or two, hanging around back, and now she was just walking, drink in hand, before she spotted someone she thought she knew and she grinned. ”Hey. Have a minute to chill?” she asked, tilting her head.

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