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 ❥ sparkle and shine, black rabbir rose, burlesque club
jazz lexi morgenson
burlesque dancer/tattoo artist
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The Black Rabbit Rose was her second home some days. And sometimes it was more like her first one when her home got to be too much. Her brother was back at school at least, so that killed her need to keep an eye on him and her need to pretend she was a decent person. But her mother, ugh. All that woman did was sit around in her cloud of smoke and drive Jazz up a damn wall. She could at least pretend to clean or something to pull her own weight. But no, she just sat there. But at least she didn’t speak. When she spoke she’d blame Jazz for her father being in jail, like it was her fault he did bad things.

Not that she didn’t miss her father terrible but…

But when she was at the Black Rabbit Rose she could forget about all of that. It all went out of her head and she could happily just… be Jinx – her stage name. It was so much easier because this came naturally. She was bendy and she was agile and she was damn good at contorting her body whatever way she needed to. She had always been that way. Once she put that towards gymnastics and she missed those days fiercely.

But she had discovered in college that she could also easily turn her bendy body towards burlesque. And that made damn good money, enough that it got her though college without a loan. Enough so that it, along with her tattoo artistry, allowed her to get more money than a job in her actual field would have. And being that she was the breadwinner in her family that kept them in their shitty apartment, it was more important than what she wanted to do. She enjoyed burlesque, it was fun and she was good at it. That didn’t mean she didn’t miss gymnastics or want to go further into design instead.

Jazz, however, would be lying if she said she didn’t adore the attention. Up on stage with all eyes on her? Wanting her, watching her every move? How could she not get absolutely high off of that? She was the sort who craved attention, wanted it. And she could never get enough of it. She flirted and she played, wiggling her fingers at the band and at the crowd, lipsyncing to the song as she went, dancing along without too much thought, she could do her routines in her sleep.

But she was also just as happy when she was done for the night. She’d hang around to make sure they didn’t need her to pick up a shift, and to tease and flirt with people – though she never went further with the people that came to Black Rabbit Rose out of habit, she didn’t mix business with her personal life – but she was done. Off the job. Skipping to the bar to plop down on a stool that someone had helpfully gotten off of—of course they had, please—to let her slip on to it.

She was still feeling antsy for all that her body was pleasantly exhausted from moving and flipping. SO she was likely going to pickpocket someone to entertain herself. But first, a drink. And though she got one on the house, or two, or three, being that it was a bartender who enjoyed her antics, she couldn’t help but turn to the person next to her and grin, that wild and crazy grin of hers. ”So, I bet you’re gonna buy my first drink” she said, grinning widely.

I have too many opens, but when you have the muse, run with it?
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