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 ❥ not so merry, police station
nell van durst
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Nell froze on the steps in front of the police station and tried to convince herself to keep walking. Tried to convince herself to take a few more steps forward and open the doors and go inside. It wasn’t that hard. She could do this. She had done this time and time again. She was starting to know the police station too well now. Nell knew that she could just ask her babysitter—the not so nice way she referred to the police officer that kept her company in the safe house sometimes—what was going on but she was trying to stick to the lessons that Chloe had taught her. She was trying to be confident.

She looked the part at least. She had brushed her waist long dark hair until it shone. She was wearing very presentable jeans and a blouse. She had even packed her laptop into the much nicer case that she had for it instead of her favorite side bag that she usually slung it into. She was totally presentable. She was totally going to do this. She was going to step forward a little bit, open that door, and go inside. Maybe they would even have good news for her.

She snorted and ignored that thought. This was the second holiday season she was going to have without her father. She choked on that thought and then shoved it down. She was going to be very quick. In and out. She was sure that the police had enough going on in between the whole rising prices and fires and she was sure that led to bad behavior, they didn’t need her causing trouble and disturbing things too.

She just wanted to go inside and ask them about the state of her father’s case. The missing person’s case. And she knew she had to go in and talk to the person with her own case. And the officer that was updating her about Ratigan. And everyone in there was so nice to her all the time. She just hated how they all seemed to recognize her now. And the pity that came to people’s eyes when they saw her and knew they had nothing to tell her. It hurt. It hurt a lot. But she had to go in. She had to go in and get this over with so she could go back to the stupid safe house and pretend she was happy it was the holiday season again.

feel free to be a cop or coming to or from the station or whatever, help her go in or know her or whatever works! haha

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