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 + i'm radioactive, hospital
jasper jackson rain
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i'm breathing in the chemicals
When Jasper woke up that morning, he had an unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach that he couldn't explain. He would usually wake up feeling just fine albeit a bit groggy given how early he would need to wake up, but generally. he woke up feeling fine. As he was taking his morning shower, he was on alert. His gut feelings don't usually lead him astray so if he felt like something bad was going to happen, something probably was. He made sure to carefully exit his shower so he wouldn't slip and fall. He skipped out on making coffee since he might have burned himself in the process. As Jasper pulled on his sneakers, he looked around his apartment. Nothing looked out of the ordinary or out of place. Maybe this odd feeling he had was just a sickness coming on and warning him. He shook off the feeling as he grabbed his cell phone and keys.

Although he was going to ignore the gut feeling, he was still cautious about the drive to work. No close calls happened and he didn't even pass any accidents. There wasn't anything that made him curse under his breath or have to slam on his brakes for. Was this gut feeling telling him something bad was going to happen at work? He truly hoped not. Anywhere but work. He loved his patients with every ounce of his heart and if this unsettling feeling in his chest was because of one of them, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. He'd need to be slow and patient with his appointments today as he wouldn't want to risk misdiagnosing someone or prescribing the wrong medicine.

As Jasper pulled into the staff parking lot, he rested his forehead on the steering wheel and sighed. He would need to be on guard at work because this uneasy feeling was still with him and it felt stronger now. Jasper sighed and exited his car, walking through the large double doors that lead into the hospital's lobby. He waved to the receptionists at their desk and walked into the child unit, where his office was located.

Jasper plopped himself down in his chair and turned on his computer, getting started on reading and replying to emails before his first appointment of the day arrived. Most of the emails were of conferences he'd need to attend or invitations to alumni events at his old university. That would go in the trash. He usually stayed as far away from San Diego State University since it brought back too many bad and bittersweet memories. Jasper put his computer on sleep mode and rolled away from his desk, getting up to go to see his first patient of the day.

love this bby.

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sknned by vanessa of shine and caution