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 The Glistening Eastern Sea, natalie erika corvino
hiro irino
 Posted: Jun 5 2017, 05:51 PM
28 years
takanori iwata
from spirited away
swim instructor
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Vacation Times
Things had worked out a lot better than Hiro had initially thought they would. Since moving to San Diego after his accident Hiro had taken a few scattered trips back to Tokyo to visit his parents. It was mostly so they could get that physical update over their amnesiac son and to essentially rebuild that relationship that was lost with Hiro's memories. So when Hiro's mother was asking when he'd come visit them again he started planning it out for May of this year but rather than just hop onto a plan on his own Hiro had a different idea. Why go by himself? It had been with that thought that Hiro decided to ask Natalie if she wanted to join him. Best part? She agreed. Hiro took care of everything surrounding their tickets and trip. His parents were, his mother in particular, were pleasantly surprised to hear the news although Hiro probably didn't quite understand why.

The flight was long but wasn't bad. Hiro had reserved a hotel for them that gave them a beautiful view over Tokyo and was nearby all the usual touristy places that a person visiting could go to. Of course the first day was spent with Natalie being reintroduced to his parents considering it's been over a decade since the older pair had seen the girl that Hiro would follow around without question. For those two children to not be adults in a relationship together was probably something that older pair didn't think would happen. His mother on taking them out for dinner at some fancy restaurant in celebration of their visit. Hiro rolled his eyes but it had been nice. After that Hiro and Natalie ventured out. Hiro realized that he hadn't really done that before. Sure, Hiro had visited a few places but probably not as much as he should.

Hiro let Natalie truly lead the way and he was finding that he was appreciating things a bit more because he was seeing it through Natalie's eyes. His mother had suggested they visit an onsen at some point in their trip and there would likely be a festival to attend somewhere. Their current travels had taken them to the Akihabara area, an area that Hiro hadn't gone before himself. "Should we stop for lunch? he asked as they walked down the street.

( © HUNTER. )

natalie erika corvino
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 05:03 AM
27 years
yui aragaki
chihiro ogino
from spirited away
manga artist
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lean on me hiro irino
natalie was excited. she had been looking forward to going to japan with hiro ever since he had asked her, and she was only too happy to take a vacation with him. it helped that she was proficient with the language, thanks to her late mother, and she also wrote her manga in japanese to appeal more to the japanese audience online. she was also looking forward to the opportunity to brush up on her conversational japanese, which had unsurprisingly fallen into disuse thanks to her living in san diego. english was her first language after all, so it was much easier to speak that instead of stuttering and stammering through her japanese. it had taken her a while to find her footing, especially when she was conversing with hiro's family, but soon enough, she was easily chattering away just like any other native.

she was happy to once again meet with hiro's parents. they had always been sweet to her since day one, and besides losing hiro back then, she was also sorry to lose his kind parents. they were surprised that they actually got together despite hiro's amnesia, but delighted for them nonetheless. it pleased her to have their approval. she had initially been a little nervous, but was happy that everything had worked out. her eyes sparkled as they entered akihabara, the proud, electronic sector of tokyo.

"what do you want to do or see? there's a lot of buildings that sell electronics, and they are also filled with arcades." all of akihabara's stores were in buildings, and they had levels for all of them. one store could be filled with nothing but visual novels, the more adult ones kept out of sight by cleverly being placed upstairs. natalie was happy to poke into all of them, and bring back some manga merchandise for herself. she turned to hiro, eyebrows rising in inquiry as she looked up from the brochures in her hands.

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