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Posted by: erin's a superhero! Sep 14 2013, 08:42 AM
member directory
the who is who masterlist
Hey everyone! Sometimes it can get confusing to remember who is playing a certain character, so if everyone would post here that would speed up the search process and allow you to get to know a little bit about the person playing them as well.
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Posted by: adella serena waters Oct 4 2013, 08:59 PM
Hey all, Luna here. I'm not sure what to say about myself. I'm a Disney lover, obviously. I like anything that's really about fantasy to be honest. I'm a but of a nut, and a chocolate lover. I'm a total charrie whore and it shows, I'm sure. I've been RPing for a long while, and I work in Social Media for a college. I enjoy watching fantasy and writing it as well! I tend to shorten my character's names and like coming up with nicknames for them, pretty sure this extends from me myself... I'm not sure what else to say here haha.
adella serena waters
twenty-two years old
adella from the little mermaid
josephine renee deveraux
twenty-six years old
babette from beauty and the beast
ayasha iris vogel
twenty-nine years old
acting ceo
iago from aladdin
aiden vincent knight
thirty-four years old
phoebus from hunchback of notre dame
kayleigh leah sabre
twenty-eight years old
kayley from quest for camelot
violetta sophia everett
twenty-three years old
violet parr from the incredibles
lily cadence savarra
twenty-seven years old
zoo keeper
kiara from the lion king
miles gregory ashford
twenty-eight years old
museum linguist/college lecturer
twenty-nine years old
twenty-five years old
clotho from hercules
thirty years old
calcifer from howl's moving castle
xio mara sanchez
twenty-nine years old
ADELITA SANCHEZ from the book of life
twenty-three years old
lock from nightmare before christmas
eighteen years old
serenity riley fynch
26 years old
author/clerk at bookshop
will o' the wisp from brave
ainsley gaia adams
37 years old
jack of all trades
terra from teen titans

Posted by: erin's a superhero! Oct 4 2013, 10:54 PM
25, she/her, cst
Hello, everyone! I am one of your local admins here. I am twenty-five years old and have been roleplaying for a really long time. I like: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Monk, Jensen Ackles, Good Behavior, reading and other things. I'm more than happy to take book recommendations (I have a Goodreads that we can def be friends on) or movie/tv show recommendations. You can contact me via PM (please message my admin account if you do) or discord! I am always on my phone so I will usually reply pretty quickly if you need something. (:
bryan woods
> twenty-nine > he/him > daniel bederov
nathaniel jackson
> thirty-eight > he/him > jensen ackles
beau rain
> thirty-eight > he/him > adam levine
phoenix schuler
> twenty-nine > he/him > sam claflin
chloe davis
> twenty-three > she/her > kelsey asbille chow
gabriel shaw
> thirty-five > he/him > nick bateman
jocelyn soloman
> thirty-four > she/her > zoe saldana
owen valentin
> thirty-nine > he/him > chris pine
thea robinson
> twenty-seven > she/her > sydney leroux
shawn blythe
> forty-two > he/him > ryan reynolds
hunter beverly-robinson
> twenty-six > she/her > daisy ridley
miguel acosta reyes
> twenty-nine > he/him > diego barrueco
valentina north
> thirty-three > she/her > ashley graham
levi castelo
> twenty-five > he/him > marlon teixeira
anna lloyd
> fifty-six > she/her > sandra bullock
arjun khan
> twenty-four > he/him > dev patel

Posted by: marian vixie schuler Nov 7 2013, 01:34 AM
Okay, so as everyone else here i’m a disney lover. Can’t get enough of it, one of the greatest parts of my love. Of course that includes many other animated family films. In reality i’m also a giant kid. I love cartoons, stuff that came out in the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s. Not really a big fan of the majority of the stuff that comes out today though. I would gladly sit down and watch boomerang all the day because that’s basically where all the good stuff is now. I’m definitely a book lover, mostly fantasy but i’m open to recommendations. A few things i love include superheroes, anime, musicals, power rangers and i’m superwholock. Honestly the list could go on about the things i love so really just ask me and i will gladly answer whether i’m into it or not. I’m also a resident japanese drama fangirl, meaning that i watch japanese television (subbed and not meaning anime) and listen to japanese music. Proof of that is in my characters since i do use japanese celebs as my faces, you’ll find plenty of them on my tumblr. And now this has gone long enough.
marian vixie schuler
28 years old
maid marian from robin hood
jake hiro james
31 years old
cafe owner
ray from princess and the frog
jeremy ian davis
24 years old
jiji from kiki's delivery service
dimitri jon everett
30 years old
meeko from pocahontas
felix tyler
24 years old
man for hire
flotsam from the little mermaid
mai penelope saijima
32 years old
bakery owner
mrs. potts from beauty and the beast
markus michael wolfe
23 years old
art gallery assistant
markl from howl's moving castle
alexander miura
sandman from rise of the guardians
ayden zane robinson
33 years old
music professor/archery instructor
king william from the swan princess
hiro irino
27 years old
swim instructor
haku from spirited away
cameron jones
47 years old
fbi agent
cloudjumper from how to train your dragon
joseph shepherd
23 years old
jojo from horton hears a who
ryo alden
28 years old
zoo veterinarian
rajah from aladdin
keito hino
27 years old
voice actor
scamp from lady and the tramp 2
rebecca camille harwood
31 years old
melody from the little mermaid 2
bailey mara douglass
37 years old
daycare worker
rita from oliver & company
victoria grace hawthorne
34 years old
antique store owner/flower shop co-owner
victoria everglot from the corpse bride
talia pride
34 years old
costume designer
sarah hawkins from treasure planet
mamoru chiba
36 years old
head of marketing
mamoru chiba/tuxedo mask from sailor moon

Posted by: tokki takes tiny turtles Dec 7 2013, 09:50 PM

I'm Tokki and I'm the coding admin! I love art, movies and cute things! I lived in Hong Kong for four years and have a love for Korean pop! Hit me up to plot, talk, or if you need an image resized for your app! My aim is tokkiah so hit me up! c:

alice avery liddell
twenty-three years old
alice from alice in wonderland
aquata mara waters
twenty-nine years old
horse trainer/olympic equestrian
aquata from the little mermaid
ava byul jung
twenty-eight years old
lady from lady and the tramp
emmett cardamom castle
thirty-two years old
vanellope von schweetz from wreck-it-ralph
kennedy isadora blythe
twenty-nine years old
wedding planner
princess anna from frozen
lana xiaofan fa
twenty-six years old
mulan from mulan
rei shin hino
thirty-five years old
medical examiner
sailor mars from sailor moon
rosie may thomas
twenty-eight years old
hair stylist
rosetta from disney fairies
seulki kang
twenty-three years old
tattoo artist apprentice
kiki from kiki's delivery service
thaddeus leveret robinson
twenty-five years old
veterinary grad student/ lingerie sales clerk
thumper from bambi
jeremy jimin jung
twenty-seven years old
high school culinary teach
remy from ratatouille
nicholas pieter north
forty-three years old
record shop/cafe owner
north from rise of guardians
spencer kenna o'connor
twenty-eight years old
candy maker
sally from the nightmare before christmas
nala mchumba dijkstra
forty years old
personal trainer
nala from the lion king

Posted by: sophia regina bayley May 9 2014, 01:17 AM

hey all! i am faith, but you can also call me charlotte if ya want. i go by both. currently, i am a super senior year five woo! at my local uni. i hope to graduate someday with a degree in library science. currently, i work in circulation at my local library. which means great pay, but i work every weekend. i am currently obsessed with the 100 along with all my old loves like: castle, veronica mars, once upon a time, and any ghibli film.

sophia regina bayley
30 years old
shop clerk
sophie hatter from howl's moving castle
tybalt william robinson
30 years old
baron humbert von gikkingen from the cat returns
alyssa kara shepherd
46 years old
owner of serendipity flowers
valka from how to train your dragon
xavier perseus pride
27 years old
airplane pilot
pazu from castle in the sky
isabella luna miura
23 years old
katara from avatar the last airbender
james monroe silver
27 years old
jim hawkins from treasure planet
ashley crevan king
35 years old
nurse at garfield high
tod from the fox and the hound
sora alden
21 years old
college drop out
seiji amasawa from whisper of the heart

Posted by: naoki henkou May 25 2014, 10:41 AM
combat shotgun
20/acst/big lazy oaf

send help i have too many kids

naoki henkou
24 years old
gardener/graduate student
totoro from my neighbour totoro
willis brandon chung
22 years old
pooh bear from winnie the pooh
natalie erika corvino
26 years old
manga artist
chihiro ogino from spirited away
rhiannon avery renard
19 years old
elsa from frozen
clair aster harwood
37 years old
bunnymund from rise of the guardians
adrian yuxian hua
23 years old
jack skellington from the nightmare before christmas
attina isadora waters
33 years old
fashion designer
attina from the little mermaid
victor philip aldrich
34 years old
victor van dort from corpse bride
roman hale laverne
36 years old
cerberus from hercules
minato furukawa
29 years old
toulouse from the aristocats
aegean silas forsteri
52 years old
george from paperman
bernard andrew blythe
38 years old
crush from finding nemo
briony wynne monroe
31 years old
kindergarten teacher
vixey from fox & the hound
taketora alden
23 years old
trainee nurse
prince ashitaka from princess mononoke
julien remy laurent
36 years old
the prince from the little prince
raven leonard haines
30 years old
trauma surgeon
pongo from 101 dalmations
selwyn ilsung ko
30 years old
orchestral conductor
lucifer from cinderella
lark mason pines
23 years old
paranormal investigator/blogger & private detective
dipper pines from gravity falls

Posted by: declan isaiah phillips May 5 2015, 10:00 AM
Hello! I'm Rinn, short for Erinn. I'm 23 years old, and about to finish grad school and enter the adult world (ew). I've been rping forever, and I'm absolutely in love with fants Also, I suck at talking about myself, but please IM me @ erinnmaevee & i will send you funny pictures.
declan isaiah phillips
24 years old
tattoo artist
prince phillip from sleeping beauty
kassidy evangeline harwood
24 years old
medical student
angel from lady & the tramp II
conrad raymond blythe
38 years old
chemistry teacher
mr. ray from finding nemo
beckett avery balton
30 years old
olympic equestrian / vineyard owner
balto from balto
sienna abigail sabre
26 years old
sabor from tarzan
paxton ulysses walker
27 years old
wedding photographer
wall-e from wall-e
marisol elisa vasquez
34 years old
self-defense instructor
maria from the book of life
maverick eachann o'connor
25 years old
candy maker
eeyore from winnie the pooh

Posted by: bellamy peter panell Jan 28 2016, 09:55 PM

Hiiii I'm Nessa. I live in Michigan and am currently suffering through life and college and studying to be a teacher for cool kids. I'm queen of the trash and I love Disney and gay boy bands and a lot of other dumb shit. If I'm not here, I'm still probably online but on tumblr, snapchat, or twitter because social media is my life and a drug I can't quit. I like swear words and foods that can kill you in moderation. I love ruining my characters so expect all of them to have sad lives. I use a lot of slang in the cbox so please excuse that. I talk like a drag queen but sadly, I'm not one. Okay, love you all, peace out.

bellamy peter panell
25 years old
peter pan from peter pan
october riley harwood
26 years old
psychology professor
princess eilonwy from the black cauldron
marceline violet effron
22 years old
marceline the vampire queen from adventure time
serena tsukino
34 years old
sailor moon from sailor moon
meili fong
35 years old
mma fighter
toph from avatar: the last airbender
siddartha vishnu raj khan
28 years old
shere khan from the jungle book
jasper jackson rain
28 years old
baymax from big hero 6
lucas isaac sinclair
30 years old
music therapist
charlie brown from the peanuts
raelyn eloise river
24 years old
lapis lazuli from steven universe
camila josefina snow
27 years old
interior designer
snow white from snow white and the seven dwarfs
braden rory o'hara
24 years old
drug dealer
panic from hercules

Posted by: ariel demetria waters Nov 21 2016, 11:29 PM
Hello, darlings~ My name's Lyssa & yes, it is my irl nickname (though I'm sure my actual first name isn't that difficult to tell). I am 21 years young + a struggling college student just trying to keep my bills paid. My interests include all things pink & sparkly, joking around, and writing all the things! I could write loads of things about the complexities of yours truly, but ain't nobody got time for dat~
ariel demetria waters
nineteen years old
university student
ariel from the little mermaid
rosalie fleur castellane
twenty-three years old
youth network coordinator
aurora from sleeping beauty
mackenzie bell wright
twenty-two years old
youtube beauty guru + aspiring model
tinker bell from peter pan

Posted by: bonnie isobel sawyer Mar 26 2017, 09:31 AM
i like memes
bonnie isobel sawyer
23 years old
biochemistry student
princess bubblegum from adventure time
atlas judah carter
26 years old
drug dealer
pain from hercules
fallon layla phillips
22 years old
veterinary student
fawn from disney fairies

Posted by: lysias hyperion ádis Jun 21 2017, 05:06 AM
sup. i live near a cricket ground and i hate cricket. story of my life.
bar owner
hades from hercules
slightly from peter pan
cto of prince industries
sid from toy story
medical student
tadashi from big hero 6

Posted by: riku hoshiyama Aug 14 2017, 10:44 AM
Hello! I return!!

I've already been on this site once before, and I'm bringing with me this time just four characters for everyone to enjoy. No more, no less. Hopefully. Already added one I hadn't planned on. I'm a big comic book/manga reader, and love to roleplay on my spare time. I play a lot of video games, watch a lot of anime, and am a huge fan of Tron and Mega Man. You're free to message me on Discord! I'm always up for plots and stuff, so feel free to hit me up!

I have a "hero/animus" theme going on, don't let me break it no matter what I say.

riku hoshiyama
16 years old
tardy student
geo stelar from mega man star force
madeline fayette levesque
24 years old
rhythm guitarist
aelita schaeffer from code lyoko

Posted by: romeo isaac pesce Sep 23 2017, 11:34 PM
Hello! I'm the youngest on the site, i'm 16. I'm a huge dork, i like musicals and movies and kpop and a whole bunch of stuff really.
romeo isaac pesce
20 years old
university student
flounder from the little mermaid

Posted by: logan alexander blythe Oct 3 2017, 09:31 AM
Hi hi. Bad at talking about myself. I'm 24, from Rhode Island, I work from home on like a million things including fitness coaching and owning an etsy shop and I'm also a Barista. I used to be here but then I had to leave because life happened. And now I'm back because life got better! I'm parakeet dream on aim and discord.
logan alexander blythe
33 years old
dental hygienist
bashful from snow white
ashton eleanor glass
27 years old
cinderella from cinderella

Posted by: pacifica elise northwest Oct 4 2017, 06:34 PM
Hi. C: I'm Moo. Chill and lazy af. Eating and sleeping are my sources of life.
pacifica elise northwest
23 years old
fashion + lifestyle editor & blogger (anon)
pacifica northwest from gravity falls
dominic austin forbes
34 years old
hans from frozen

Posted by: niklaus shay wolfe Oct 12 2017, 08:23 AM
hey guys! i'm 23 yrs old, i live in cali for now. i'm not big on blurbs about myself, but if you want to talk to me i am more than willing to answer any questions that you may have. pm me for skype or discrod. i can not wait to start writing with you all again.
niklaus shay wolfe
22 years old
law student / bar tender
mor'du from brave

Posted by: casimiro manuel rendón Dec 2 2017, 11:30 PM
hola mis amigos. i am boon. i live on the west coast of the us of a. i like tacos and dogs. i make costumes sometimes because i live in the middle of nowhere. i also am a mega nerdo with fandoms and drama ridden plots. hit me up on discord if ya wanna chat or plot, or both.
casimiro manuel rendón
thirty-four years old
sdpd detective
manolo from the book of life

Posted by: reagan olivia mccall Dec 28 2017, 01:34 PM
Hello! I'm a 24 year old them/them identifying east coaster. I was on this site a few years ago, but college took over my soul. I work as an early education teacher while writing flash fiction/novels on the side. In my spare time I like learning about pathology, instagramming my cats, creating new makeup looks, or modeling. I, obviously, love animated movies (almost as much as horror movies!) and I'm a self-proclaimed nerd.
reagan mccall
36 years old
magazine editor-in-chief
evil queen from snow white

Posted by: robert seaton porifera Dec 29 2017, 12:55 PM
Hey guys! I'm Anomaly. I'm a twenty something year old with a degree in animation and a job as a martial arts instructor. I'm obsessed with cartoons from the late 90s and early 2000s, so that's probably going to be the majority of my character base here! I tend to be a bit busy between a full time job, a webcomic, cosplay, and other role playing sites, but I look forward to spending time here! Also, if you love musicals, hit me up yo. Expect all of the musical references ever from me.
robert seaton porifera
28 years old
cook at jake's diner
spongebob squarepants from spongebob squarepants

Posted by: ines esmeralda dubois Dec 30 2017, 10:37 AM
Heyo! I'm Moira & I'm a twenty-something recent East Coast transplant. I adore dogs, musicals, and animation -- especially Disney. I worked for them for a couple years before leaving to go to to grad school, which is going okay-ish. I've been roleplaying for quite some time now and I'm a fiend for dramatic plots. I'm super excited to be here and get to know everyone! Hit me up on discord if you'd ever like to talk!
Inés Esmeralda DuBois
26 years old
Burlesque Dancer
Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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