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Posted by: twinkle twinkle tokki Sep 14 2013, 08:42 AM
member directory

who are we??

here is a list of all our members and the characters they've brought to life!


the code

new member:
[dohtml]<center> <div class="fanu2-bg"><div class="fanu2-br"><div class="fanu2-ti"> <font color="#colourcode"><b>member name</b></font> </div> <div class="fanu2-gfx"> <img src=""> <div class="fanu2-desc"><br>tell us about u </div> </div> <div class="fanu2-tx"> <div class="fanu2-sub"><H1><font color="membergroup colour">character name</font></h1></div> <div class="fanu2-desc">lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character </div> <div class="md-start"><div class="md-gif"> <a href="link to application"><img src=""></a> </div><div class="md-pad"> <div  class="md-ic" title="RELATIONSHIP"><i class="fa fa-heart" aria-hidden="true"></i> </div> <div  class="md-id" title="FACE CLAIM"><i class="fa fa-user" aria-hidden="true"></i> </div> </div><div class="md-tx"><div class="md-ov"> plots you're looking for </div></div></div><br><br> <--HERE IS WHERE YOU ADD MORE CHARACTERS--> </div></div></div> </center> [/dohtml]

add character:
<div class="fanu2-sub"><H1><font color="membergroup colour">character name</font></h1></div> <div class="fanu2-desc">lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character lil blurb about character </div> <div class="md-start"><div class="md-gif"> <a href="link to application"><img src=""></a> </div><div class="md-pad"> <div  class="md-ic" title="RELATIONSHIP"><i class="fa fa-heart" aria-hidden="true"></i> </div> <div  class="md-id" title="FACE CLAIM"><i class="fa fa-user" aria-hidden="true"></i> </div> </div><div class="md-tx"><div class="md-ov"> plots you're looking for </div></div></div><br><br>

Posted by: thunderbird talon Jul 3 2018, 06:27 AM

waddup im talon, i live in england and my favourite flavour of ice cream is coffee bc its cold and bitter like me.

lysias hyperion ádis

this asshole is the crime lord you'd expect him to be. running a nightclub and an underground drug ring, is only makes sense that he's cold, brutal and as unkind as any lord of the dead.
looking for a new lady in his life as well as pain (the second assistant)

elyot theodore lumri

this adorable bundle is part of the lost boys - a group of strippers who got locked into the wrong contract. kind, loving and open ely is all about making friends.
looking for new friends!

gregory sidney phillips

destructive and closed off, greg struggles to make friends - he spends more time inventing and breaking things than meeting people. cto of his father's tech company he's a businessman first.
looking for everything!

léo duport

the prince of his house, léo is used to living the high life. he's trying his luck at being a musician and was attracted to the island by sony records but it's not as easy as it looks!
looking for everything!

albion launful evalac

a smol boi trying to be good and spend all his time exploring he's a little bit weird and will ask some strange questions so watch out for that. but he's good as gold and his heart is in the right place.
looking for everything, but also a daddy to take care of him...

Posted by: erin's a superhero! Jul 3 2018, 08:25 AM

I'm Erin! Just a reader, Netflix watcher, who writes and spends time with all of you lovely individuals! Hit me up with all the mushy, angsty, lovely, hateful, plots. I'm game!

bryan roscoe woods

a shy boi who teaches biology at the high school. clumsy, but loves nature and going hiking or camping. sweet soul going fishing to feed the fish.
looking for friends.

nathaniel c. jackson

comes of angry and mean, but is a teddy bear. local photographer who will suit all your photo needs.
looking for friends. parent buddies.

beau forest rain

musician who lives in the shady part of town who has money but can't move out due to horrible money management. loves to have fun and definitely tries to live the peter pan life.
looking for friends. bandmates.

phoenix archer schuler

has a heart of gold. will give you the shirt off his back if you need it, spends time volunteering at soup kitchens and the like. works at the police department in it.
looking for everything.

chloe anne balton

fashion designer who thinks she is better than everyone else and will let you know that she is better than you in every way possible.
looking for everything.

gabriel emory shaw

a horrible individual who only wants to spend time with people who he thinks is a high on the food chain as him.
looking for everything.

jocelyn noelle soloman

incredibly upbeat person who wants everyone to be happy and smiling. a dentist who does her best to lessen everyone's fear and hatred towards the dentist. currently living life as a foster mom and loving it.
looking for everything.

owen louie valentin

a veteran who has been on oswald isle for a few years now, but is still a little lost on what to do with himself now that he is away from war.
looking for everything.

thea aisha robinson

an active woman who never slows down. she's constantly doing something whether it is working, learning a new language or being active, you never know where she is going to be.
looking for everything.

shawn michael blythe

wheelchair bound, he has tried to make the most of it from starting his own gym and helping other people feel better about themselves no matter what position they are in.
looking for everything.

hunter jae b. robinson

a caring motherly figure who looks out for everyone. a kindergarten teacher, she tries to make sure that everyone is having fun and learning. loves spending time with her family.
looking for friends. parent buddies.

miguel acosta reyes

germphobe. please don't touch him. he will freak out and panic and will be spin into a nearly endless cleaning cycle.
looking for everything.

valentina grace north

loving individual who does care about other people, but can sometimes come off as a little self-centered. loves children and works in the er as a nurse.
looking for everything.

levi haruto castelo

a bubbly naive man who works as a graphic designer. he enjoys weird food and odd little tv shows. if he likes something, he's more than likely very passionate about it.
looking for everything.

anne rosemary lloyd

a dance instructor who grew up on oswald isle, but moved away to pursue her career and has recently moved back to the area to be closer to her nieces.
looking for everything.

arjun naveen om khan

incredibly nervous, pessimistic person who just trying his best to get through the day.
looking for everything.

viveca ruth parks

shetlered church girl who follows the rules and doesn't usually stray from them, but is getting curious about life and thinking about trying the different side of life.
looking for everything.

benjamin lane holden

eccentric, awkward individual who has managed to become a lawyer. a hopeless romantic and total fool in front of anyone who catches his attention.
looking for everything.

Posted by: anya maria malevesky Jul 4 2018, 12:27 PM

hi guys! I’m lithi! I’m obsessed with Disney and go to WDW whenever possible. I love anything vintage 1920s - 1950s and I love dramatic plots.

anya maria malevesky

raised in foster care, Anya is on a quest to find out the truth about her parents and the siblings she doesn’t remember. She works too hard and has little time for fun or relationships.
Looking for flings, friends, and, lovers to help get get out more and enjoy life.

Harry Edgar devereux

Harry grew up in a million dollar Home with the world at his feet. He had the finest teachers, vacations, and materialistic things you can imagine. He His fiancé of 3 years cheating on him with his older brother sending him into a downward spiral.
I’m looking for a plot where maybe his parents have an arraigned marriage for him. A bubbly blonde who loves him to pieces and can’t wait to marry him. Someone who’s looking to build him back up and nurse his emotional wounds. They don’t have to actually get married but it would be fun and interesting.

abigail rose foster

Abigail is a rich socialite from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Her parents are incredibly wealthy so she definitely knows the finer things in life. She is currently a big time editor for a magazine and is engaged to her college sweetheart.
I'm looking for any type of plots really. Right now, she's engaged to her fiance but he's probably honestly cheating on her and she'll have to call off the wedding at some point.

Posted by: now or nessa Jul 4 2018, 10:58 PM

hi i'm nessa. i'm 23 and a hot mess who loves kpop and everything gay. i also love ruining my character's lives.

bellamy peter panell

he's a stripper who is the biggest disaster you will ever meet. he's the life of the party but will also ruin your life
looking for friends and enemies!

october riley harwood

her spirit is a princess for a reason. she's loyal and helpful but is firm and demanding when she needs to be. she's a psychology professor and will absolutely be your therapist without you even asking.
looking for friends, coworkers, and students!

marceline violet moon

a wild rocker girl with a secret soft spot. it's hard to get her to let down her walls and she's very reluctant to trust people. she's a piercer at ink inc. and musician at styx but really wants to make her own music.
looking for her ex-girlfriend/final! as well as some new friends.

siddartha vishnu raj khan

an immoral man who will go anything to protect his family. they're the only people he trusts even if he has to lie about his occupation to give them a good life. he's a smuggler and bookie with no regards for other people or their lives.
looking for everything. especially his younger twin sisters!

jasper jackson rain

a pediatrician who is as sweet, kind, and lovable as his spirit. he has a heart of gold and just wants to help everyone. he's a cinnamon roll too pure and too god for this world.
looking for friends and coworkers!

camila josefina snow

a shy but sweet fashion designer who loves her job, family, friends, and culture. she tends to act motherly but she still knows how to have fun even if she's a bit of a workaholic.
looking for everything.

braden rory o'hara

a drug dealer under the ownership of a mr. ádis. despite his occupation, he's actually a sweetheart who loves meeting new people and having fun. he's a bit gullible at times but he's still a brat.
looking for everything.

ashton miguel campos-blythe

a compassionate and humble artist, he is one of the most big-hearted people you'll meet. he loves to entertain people and talk about art and will never stop gushing about his husband.
looking for friends.

mizuki chiba

a kind and gentle mother who works as an elementary school teacher. she loves her job and eating sweets. she's hopelessly in love with her husband and is fiercely protective of her daughter. she makes friends easily but won't hesitate to put someone in their place.
looking for friends and coworkers!

Posted by: oliver cecil parker Jul 8 2018, 08:14 AM

hi i'm moon, i'm 22 and i'm always tired. i like netflix and make a lot of vine references. peace.

oliver cecil parker

happy-go-lucky photography student who works as a part-time barista to pay his rent. he is cheerful and kind, but a little awkward sometimes as he gets flustered very easily.
looking for everything!

Posted by: adella serena waters Jul 8 2018, 11:33 AM

oh hey, luna here...I like plots whether they're drama filled or more every day, chocolate, disney, and writing as much as possible

adella serena waters

a golden lab puppy in human form - della thinks everyone is her friend and would much rather laugh and smile than frown. Dancing is her favorite
looking for everything! especially her sisters - requested

aiden vincent knight

he's got a bit of a hero complex, starts too many bar fights and flirts too much but he's got a good heart in there
looking for everything!

ainsley gaia adams

talk about a wandering soul. she never stays still long, she's big geology nerd with a love of music and a sad past
looking for everything!

ayasha iris vogel

she's a very selfish thief and grifter at heart but right now she's pretending to be a wealthy CEO with too much power. Or maybe she's pretending to be something else. Who knows
looking for everything!

erica sonnet bastille

she lives to scowl and growl and make deals just don't let her catch you calling her protective--she likes to pretend she has a cold heart
looking for everything! especially her siblings - requested

jazz lexi morgenson

this gal is a thief at heart and a queen bee all the time. she loves gymnastics but will settle for burlesque dancing and being a tattoo artist
looking for everything! especially her little brother - request

josephine renee deveroux

fee looks out for herself at all times. she lives to flirt and speak in french and run her rose with no one being able to tell her what to do
looking for everything! especially her business partner - request

kaia agape argyris

kaia is quirky, to say the least. She's a bit of a mood swinger. but she's got a big heart and a love of music
looking for all but love!

kayleigh leah sabre

talk about a wild stubborn adventurer with a wild stubborn temper. and a photographer
looking for everything!

lily cadence savarra

she's almost more at home with her lions than with people but she adores being around friends and hates tripping over thin air.
looking for everything!

nell van durst

oops she's better with her coding than with people but hey, she's just a little tech savvy and a little lost.
looking for everything! especially her father - request

nico lochland goodfellow

he's a bit of a thief but he's definitely trying to pretend he's anything but. and failing.
looking for everything! especially his two best friends - request

serenity riley davies

once a wanderer who felt too big for her body and too weird for normal things, now she's a grieving author but... she's finding her way back to weirdness
looking for everything!

violetta sophia everett

a bit shy and a lot an artist, she's very family oriented and often covered in paint
looking for all but love!

xio mara sanchez

don't let her smile fool you - she's often very angry. and violent. she likes to hit things. and drink.
looking for all everything!

Posted by: gerard archambault Jul 16 2018, 09:33 AM

hello! i absolutely love dogs, and anything disney! i have been writing on and off since jr. high. over text message, my friends and i would do roleplaying with different characters just like this site does. just a heads up, i’m usually pretty busy, so my replies sometimes take a while.

gerard archambault

gerard’s spirit might be gaston, but i am doing my best to make him more than just a skirt chasing jerk. on the surface, he might seem like a rude dude, but on the inside, he is just a lonely guy who doesn’t know how to make friends. gerard doesn’t realize that his abrasive personality is what keeps pushing people away from him.
i don’t have any specific plots that i’m looking for. i just am looking for someone to make a fun story with me. i am always open to hearing people’s ideas, and suggestions. i will say i do like character development heavy plots though.

<--here is where you add more characters-->

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