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 Campos-Blythe, Conrad Reston, rinn, sebastian stan, fix-it felix
conrad reston campos-blythe
he / him
Teen Substance Abuse Counselor
PRONOUNS: she / her
MSG CHOICE: discord
Conrad Campos-Blythe
> 39 > he/his/him > sebastian stan
full name > conrad reston campos-blythe.
prefers > con.
pronouns > he/his/him.
gender > male.
age > 39.
birthday > may 4th.
hometown > new york, ny.
education > master of education from nyu.
languages > english.
occupation > teen substance abuse counselor.
member group> animus.
spirit> Fix-it Felix
movie> wreck it ralph.
request? > yep.
family & platonic
parents >
james blythe & pam blythe
sibling(s) >
shawn blythe - older brother.
---- blythe - identical twin.
---- blythe - younger brother.
kennedy blythe - younger sister.
children >
one son, name unknown.
other >
spencer (o'connor) blythe - sister-in-law.
cece blythe - niece.
pets >
sexual orientation > bisexual.
romantic orientation > biromantic.
marital status > married.
current >
ashton miguel campos-blythe.
previous >
various men & women throughout adolescence.
one college fling resulting in his son.
His first sobriety sponsor, Grant.
favorite film > toy story.
favorite tv show > workaholics.
favorite book > where the wild things are.
favorite song > highway to hell
favorite emoji > ����‍♂️.
favorite color > forest green.
likes >
spicy food. bonfires. the beach. huge dogs. carnivals. sci-fi films. road-trips. building things/DIY projects. thunderstorms. cocaine.
dislikes >
centipedes. snow. scary movies. pessimism. huge crowds. small spaces. being angry. angry people. cocaine.
tw: drug addiction

5 years old:
Despite being the younger twin, Conrad was always the responsible one when they were children. Far from the oldest, Con managed to fall smack in the middle of his siblings, but he didn’t much behave like a middle child. He picked up the toys, left behind by the whirlwind of his siblings, looked after his twin when he got to trouble, and was the follower to his twin’s ringleader. Any trouble he got into was probably his brother’s fault.

11 years old:
From the very beginning of his schooling, Conrad was highly motivated. He was a good student, reading and writing came naturally to him, and as he realized that he was good at it, he got very hung up on his performance in school. His focus stayed with his grades and his education as he joined groups like the scholastic decathlon team and the creative writing club. That was when he first really parted ways with his twin. Their interests diverged, and so did their friend groups. He hung out with the overachievers, the nerds, while his brother remained the class clown.

14 years old:
Maybe there wasn’t really any pressure on him to succeed, but the better he did in school, in competitions, etc, the more Conrad felt the need to do well, to impress. And so the drugs started with adderall. He figured out that all of his friends were already taking it anyway. (One of them had a doctor for a dad, and could get as much as they needed.) It didn’t seem like such a bad idea at the time. Just a little helping hand to make him even better.

At first he used the stimulants only for school, pop one to study for a test, or to write a paper...but soon he followed his friends’ examples and was using extra for a high. It wasn’t that big of a deal. He and a group of pals would take a couple, only once in a while, to celebrate. And then it happened more often.

18 years old:
It was at a party in the summer between high school and college that Conrad first tried cocaine. One of his friends convinced him it was basically the same thing he’d been taking all along. They weren’t entirely wrong, but they weren’t entirely right, either.

The addiction took hold quickly, but he managed it pretty well for a while. As he went into college (A full ride to New York University, thanks to his high marks) there was barely a time that he wasn’t high, but his grades stayed up. He still took his adderall for class and to study, still making high marks, still getting his education, while spending the rest of his time doing blow with friends, and participating in all the “fun” that college offered. Read: lots of drinking, drugs, parties, and sex.

It went on like that for five years, as he managed his way through class after class, then a short stint as a student teacher, and finally got his teaching degree. Before he’d even graduated from NYU, he managed to secure a job teaching elementary reading and english.

24 years old:
Conrad’s plan had always been to quit when he graduated, he’d kept that in the back of his mind all along. He couldn’t teach the next generation and still be up to the same old tricks...so he started to wean himself off. And he definitely cut back, tapered off enough to be sober at work, but he kept using to grade assignments, make lesson plans and just to cut loose on nights and weekends. Always using just enough that he never went through any withdrawal, he never gave himself proof that he was addicted, that truth wasn't one he was ready to swallow.

It felt like something he could keep doing indefinitely. He wasn’t as bad as he’d always been, so he convinced himself it was okay.

27 years old:
For a few years, he thrived. Work was going well, he loved the job and his students, and managed to convince his family that everything was great. Conrad told himself that he really didn’t have any problems, until an old friend from college showed up and told him she had a kid.

It was a 7 year old boy, and it was his.

She was clean, 6 years sober, and she wouldn’t let him meet his son until he was clean too. Conrad got angry at that, angry at her for taking so long to tell him, and at himself for barely realizing that she’d left school 7 years earlier. The anger took him where it always did, right to a line of white powder that could take the edge off. Then another, and then he burned the contact information she gave him and went out for more. He partied, he got high, he got careless, and he overdosed.

That was the first time his family learned the extent of his problem, and Conrad doesn’t have a memory worse than waking up in in the hospital to his parents’ sad eyes, seeing his little sister cry over him, and the strained look on his brothers’ faces. They were all supportive, they showed their love for him, expressed their desires for him to get better, told him they didn’t blame him for it….but he couldn’t help feeling judged, and embarrassed.

He lost his job - you can’t exactly be a drug addict and still be allowed teach young children - and it felt like all he’d worked towards his whole life was taken from him. Between that, his family’s concern, and knowing his son was out there, Conrad finally found some motivation to quit.

His parents helped send him to rehab, where he stayed for 90 days, a basic inpatient recovery program. Following the overdose, that was the first time he’d really been clean in about a decade. He suffered the withdrawal for the first time in a cushy facility, and managed to stay clean for about a month after he got out of rehab. Then he was confronted with the grim reality that he didn’t really have anything to do with his life. His career was over, he didn’t have other obvious skills, he couldn’t even reach out to his son. The depression got to him pretty quickly, and he relapsed just before reaching 4 months sober.

30 years old:
The next few years were all stops and starts for his sobriety. He’d go really strong for a while, attending meetings, keeping his nose clean (figuratively and literally) and working odd jobs. Conrad found that he was actually very satisfied by doing manual labor, and worked in construction on a few crews while he was clean, but each time he’d inevitably relapse when he started to feel bad about his life, trapped, or really just too close to temptation. (The guys on those crews weren’t exactly the best for keeping him out of trouble.)

The longest stretch that he was clean during that time lasted about 10 months. After avoiding it for ages, Conrad finally caved and he got a sponsor. The man was close to his age, had a similar story, and had been successfully sober longer than Conrad could really wrap his mind around. Grant got him to the point where he was attending regular meetings, and even convinced him to let his mother hire him a therapist to talk to biweekly.

The problem came when he and Grant started hooking up. The attraction had been there from the beginning, part of what made Conrad agree, and it did turn into a real relationship...the first serious one that Con had ever had, but it was like breaking the cardinal rule of the program. Despite all of the caution against it, he and Grant both decided that their relationship was helping both of them stay sober. So they made the mistake of tying their sobriety to their relationship, and when it failed, they both relapsed. They were both addicts, both unpredictable and volatile people, so a little disagreement blossomed to a week long argument, then a full out yelling match that ended in both of them falling off the wagon. When the smoke cleared, they went their separate ways, and Conrad hopped back on the wagon for yet another try. Grant was starting over after 3 years of being clean, and that knowledge tore Conrad apart. Maybe that was what really changed things for him.

33 years old:
After the disaster that was the end of his relationship, Conrad was committed to his sobriety unlike ever before, and he moved out west to be near his siblings in San Diego. They became his support system, giving him someone to turn to whenever he needed reassurance that he could do this. He kept working odd jobs, and that was how he met Ashton Campos.

One of Conrad's coping mechanisms was the gym. If he got a craving or even just got too bored, he'd go work out, which meant that he ended up logging a lot of time at the gym, and cultivating a very enviable physical stature. It was there, on the weightlifting floor, that he'd been offered a modeling job at the local college. An instructor had seen him and asked him to pose for a class of art students as they studied the human form. It was an odd proposition, but Conrad had long lost any shame, and took the job. He needed the money, and it did sound kinda fun.

He hadn't expected it to be the best decision he'd ever made.

Their first encounter was the most cliche experience of his life, eyes meeting over Ash's paper as Con did his best to stand still, surrounded by eyes focused on each and every line of his body. He hadn't had any qualms about stripping down for the room of strangers, but something about that blue eyed blonde got his hands clammy and his heart stuttering.

Conrad had taken the initiative to ask for his number, then ask him out for coffee, and then dinner, and all the while they texted, Con would sit on his bed and his heart would swell as he got message after message from Ash...before realizing that he was falling fast, and that was terrifying.

It had only been a few months since he'd moved out here, since he'd been sober again, and the last time he'd fallen too hard it had messed up his sobriety, and Grant's, too. So he may have spiraled, just a little bit. It was one line of coke, barely anything compared to what it could be, and he'd hated himself right away, even as the high rushed through him. He flushed the rest before he could be tempted to do more.

The relapse tore him up inside and he threw himself back into the program, putting a little distance between himself and Ashton in the meantime, not knowing how to navigate those feelings and his sobriety without linking them together. It was only when he told this whole story in an NA meeting that an older man, Randy, pulled him aside afterward and knocked a little sense in him. Of course things had gone badly, because he'd broken the rules, he'd made some bad choices, and that sponsor hadn't been a good fit for him. Randy seemed put-out, but with a certain fondness that had him offering to be Conrad's new sponsor, "so long as you don't try to sleep with me."

The old man was a little abrasive, and had the mouth of a sailor, but he was the firm and unyielding presence that Conrad needed in that role, and that gave him peace of mind. Enough so that he reached back out to Ashton, told him everything, and found that despite the baggage, he still wanted him.

With a new commitment to doing things the right way, to a relationship with Ashton, and with the help of his new sponsor, Conrad finally reached one year clean, then two, and then three.

While his unfortunate track record kept him from getting back into teaching, Randy used some connections to get him in the door to volunteer at a local rehab for teens. It wasn’t long before he started making bonds with them, able to see himself, his mistakes, in their lives, and relate to them in ways other counselors - people who hadn’t been teen addicts - couldn’t relate to them. It felt like finally finding his place, and after a few counseling courses to supplement his master’s degree, they hired him full time to run group therapy and keep up with the teens in outpatient care.

37 years old:
After a few years, Conrad's days faded from feeling too good to be true to just feeling right. He'd stumbled along the way, but between his family, his sobriety, his work, and his boyfriend, there was only one thing that was really missing. So in the summer of 2015, riding on the buzz of excitement that came with the legalization of gay marriage in every state, Con and Ash got married, and it felt like every mistake, every nightmare, every line, and every quaking withdrawal had led him right there, and Conrad wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

At this point in his life, Conrad is approaching 6 years sober, and he’ll be the first to tell you how big of a deal that is. He loves his work at the rehab clinic, and feels optimistic about his future with Ashton as they endeavor to become parents. He’s glad to be able to be a part of his siblings' lives in a positive way again, and is even prouder to feel like a good husband, uncle, and brother than he is to have that 5 year chip in his pocket.

spirit relation
Aside from a cheery disposition and generally optimistic outlook, Conrad relates to Felix by the sense of responsibility that they share. While Felix was created with the purpose of fixing things and making them better, Conrad came into life as the cleanup crew behind his brother's mess, and developed a sense of needing to take care of things and keep them in order. These days he's nurtured that trait into a more relaxed attitude towards not necessarily fixing, but at least improving the lives of the young people he works with.

Throughout his life, whether in school, or with his eventually sustained sobriety, Conrad also exhibits Felix's dedication and "try, try again" attitude towards problems. Like Felix, he generally sets out with good intentions, and is inherently a good person, but sometimes he manages to get in over his head.

Finally, Conrad's love of building, creating, and fixing things is a direct nod to the character he personifies.

the player
alias > rinn.
pronouns > she/her.
age > 24.
timezone > central.
contact > discord.
triggers >
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conrad reston campos-blythe
he / him
Teen Substance Abuse Counselor
PRONOUNS: she / her
MSG CHOICE: discord
conbon is all done (:
please deduct the points from my accounts in these amounts:
declan isaiah castle - 7,000
kassidy evangeline harwood - 6,000
beckett avery balton - 6,000
sienna abigail sabre - 6,000
paxton ulysses walker - 6,000
maverick eachann o'connor - 6,000
marisol elisa vasquez - 6,000
campbell reginald otto - 7,000
total - 50,000

erin's a superhero!
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cat lady
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
Rinn, I'm thrilled that you have brought Conrad back! He has gone through a lot throughout his life which really makes it even more wonderful to see the place he is at right now! I can't wait to see more of him and how he acts with his siblings and husband and with everyone really!!! Don't forget to make your claims!

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