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 Dancing duels, Dance studio
adella serena waters
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Making it past the Qualifier rounds in #WorldOfDance means 20 hour days in the studio!

AKA I apologize to my friends and fam who haven't seen me for a week 😂

That was what her two latest tweets proclaimed before she set down her phone, on silent so it wouldn't distract her from her work, and stretched up tall. Before the grin that had been ever present on her face for the past week popped back up. She couldn't believe it. She still couldn't believe it. It felt a bit like a miracle that she had even gone through and done it after keeping it such a tightly held secret for so long. But, well, she had been worried she wouldn't make it through the qualifiers and didn't want to get anyone's hopes up! Not even her own.

It had felt so bizarre to walk on that stage and stand before the judges and hear the crowd. Sure, she had done music videos before, plenty, and small parts here or there in films and she had been competing for most of her life but this had been different. This had been like all of those combined into one! Oh, but it had been so nerve wracking and so much more wonderful than she could have imagined. She couldn't help it, she did a little happy dance right on the spot. Much smaller than the squealing one she had done on the stage before racing off into her father's arms after receiving an 86 on her qualifier. 86! When she just needed 80 to go through.

She had been crying around her laughter then. Though that had partially been because she had done a piece choreographed in honor of her mother. She had wanted to share that one. So that even if she didn't make it through, she had shared her mother's story with the world. She felt like her Mama deserved that one. And, well, she had competed before. She knew emotionally connecting with the judges and the audience was important. But now she thought she wanted to do a happier piece. One of her favorites to Goodness Gracious by Ellie Goulding. Most of her dances were sad, or angry or broken because when she danced she let out those emotions that she didn't show. But this one...she liked this one! It let her bounce and play and flip a bit more.

She had gotten permission to take over this particular studio tonight from work and take a small break from the company to focus on it. Which was helpful! And she was passing on their name so in a way she was still working, wasn't she? And sure, she might have forgotten it was dinner time but that was normal for the oddball. She'd remember later and stuff her face.

Right now, all she wanted to do was prepare for the World of Dance duel round. She was nervous. She wasn't totally sure she had what it took to keep going forward but she'd try! She had no intention of giving up. So, with a wide cheeky grin, she flipped on the music and, well, slipped into her routine, a split legged back hand spring right into it as she told the story of being in and out of love, of wanting it, of laughter and joy that she loved to exude. Sure, she might know that the emotional pieces really did well with judges but heck, bubbly wasn't practically her middle name for nothing! With a laugh she settled in to practice until she dropped, and accidentally drop off the social radar.

love world of dance and couldn't resist dropping Della in it!

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