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lean on me open
the day was too warm and nice to be spent indoors. rhi decided to poke out of her shell for a bit, and go on a little adventure on her own. said adventures usually consisted of her visiting museums, or the library. today she had chosen the former, hoping to poke at some of her favourite paintings at the local museum. it had some of her favourite chosen pieces, mostly paintings and sculptures of greek mythology. in her spare time, the brunette liked reading about those, always finding fascination in its tragedies and myths. it was also always a delight for her to read more myths, as well as views its stories depicted through paintings, or on vases. so, off she went, dressed comfortably and casually, slacks and a blouse. she hadn't bothered with makeup, oh no. she had no one to doll up for anymore anyway.

soft blue eyes gazed around the museum, alighting in fondness. it wasn't her first visit here, nor was it likely to ever be her last. she saw a few familiar paintings, and wandered up to those with a smile, rereading its story, and its artist's details. and then her eyes wandered once more, to visit other paintings. it was then did she realise that something was a little off. some of the paintings that she had expected to see were gone. had they been moved? was a new exhibition up now that she possibly could have missed at the front entrance? indeed she could see some new pieces of art on the walls, also greek mythology, but ones that she did not know yet.

she paused in front of a new painting, face scrunched up. she did not know this myth, and realising that reading its details at the side was not enough, she immediately looked around for staff. rhi wanted to find out more, and couldn't be arsed to take out her phone to look it up. no, she wanted to have an intellectual conversation with someone who liked greek mythology as much as she did. surely, there must be an intern, or a senior historian or two wandering around here now. "excuse me." said rhi, stopping a passing staff member. "i'd like to know more about this painting and its myth."

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