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 mikami, hinata, chihiro fujisaki || hizaki || draco
hinata mikami
 Posted: Nov 28 2017, 06:54 PM

hinata mikami

chihiro fujisaki from danganronpa







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computer tech / indie game designer

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hinata mikami
hinata: japanese name meaning "sunny place", ひなた
mikami: taken from 'mi', 見, meaning "mindset/mentality", and 'kami', 守, meaning "guard/protect/defend".

notice: spoiler warnings for danganronpa apply in the chihiro fujisaki bits of this app if you plan to play the game/watch the anime.
anti-tw: to everyone that knows about danganronpa, there is no unnecessary death or killing game in this app, so the horror/death/killing in that? left out. completely. no need for that. take a few breaths and relax. hinata had a good life, unlike chihiro.

chihiro's entire disposition - sweet, kind, and polite - formed the elusive image of a small, timid bunny thing. in truth, chihiro became a shining beacon to all that befriended the small ultimate programmer, becoming something that everyone else wanted to protect, or defend. chihiro was intelligent, able to program a powerful a.i. and even repair a broken laptop to a usable state once more. in truth, chihiro's own desire to become a stronger person would eventually lead to the second murder, at the hands of someone that gladly called chihiro 'friend'.

the decision to make chihiro an animus, despite the character not making it to the end of the series (episode four), is based on the impact the character had on the rest of the show, and in the game. without chihiro's program, alter ego, the rest of the characters that would survive until the end would never have been able to make it that far. alter ego was even used as a motive in the third murder, as tempation for another character to be used as a pawn, and even halted makoto's own execution. in truth, chihiro's impact left a ripple after death.


the power couple of takeshi and sakura mikami met on a cold december evening at a business meeting. it was not quite the type of beginning one might expect out of two people, but the two of them were business oriented, and fell in love months later. it was a slow burn, left on the back burner for far too long, and when sakura finally became pregnant, they were already in their late forties and still engaged. they had a wedding days later, and despite everything being rushed and collected, it had been beautiful.

or so everyone said, anyway. sakura would not survive the pregnancy, for she had fallen ill and the baby was soon to follow if they didn't do something about it. when takeshi held his newborn child in his hands, the infant was small, fragile, and he knew from that moment that things would change for him forever. he took time off work, dressed the child in clothing he knew sakura would have liked to, and did his best to be the kind of father that his child deserved.

takeshi was a hard father. though he raised his child with care, precision, and help from friends and family, he still felt that he wasn't stern enough. hinata, as he had called the child, grew to be a child with a self-image that was unique to the mikami family. though bullying did occur, hinata developed a means to avoid it, and grasped a persona that everyone around the mikami family grew to accept and approve of.

over the years, the mikami family were the run of the business, as hinata grew to be an intelligent child and gained a love for computers. soon, games were taking up the space on the laptop gifted on the tenth birthday, and hinata was figuring out how to navigate the internet. eventually, hinata discovered basic game emulators, and learned how to hack into the data, all by the time the child was high school age.

high school was a difficult time. everyone was experimenting with their sexuality and identity, all of which hinata felt had already been figured out back in grade school. true, everyone experimented with romance and love, but hinata experimented with programming. dates did happen from time to time, but nothing was truly final. games were made and developed with a basic rpg maker, which hinata then went on to gift to friends that asked for them.

it was in this time that hinata started playing all kinds of video games, and not just the typical rpgs. danganronpa had been introduced to hinata through a friend, and in playing it, hinata discovered something quite interesting. life for hinata was incredibly similar to the life that the character chihiro fujisaki had in the game, to the point of uncanniness. it was in the following weeks after playing the game that hinata began to have strange dreams, and eventually woke with a tattoo of a computer code. it was then that hinata realized the truth.

japan was a lovely country, and hinata loved it, but hinata also dreamed big. that dream was to develop games for the big companies - nintendo, or square enix? perhaps even capcom? whatever the case, hinata loved to make games, and wanted to make games to enjoyed by everyone. visual novels, rpgs, simple fighting games... hinata knew how to make them to appeal to people, and knew that getting them out into the world would be hard if done by oneself.

so, hinata decided to travel abroad. to learn other languages, to develop games in more than just japanese. english was a difficult language to learn, but it was eventually mastered, and soon hinata was planning to stay in the united states for school and to live. but where? what city?

san diego had a host of life, and hinata eventually settled on that. university had been a breeze, and soon hinata was living in an apartment and building games from scratch straight from home.


hinata likes to dress up, to dress cute and wear dresses, leggings, maryjanes, and style hair, but it hadn't always been that way. throughout all of school, hinata wore the feminine uniform, which in japan was considered an oddity, as hinata had been assigned male at birth. in truth, hinata identifies as male, however, in japanese, he goes out of his way to avoid using pronouns toward himself - in japanese, it is very easy to speak and write in a way that avoids pronouns, but when he does, he uses boku, one typically used informally by boys. in english, it's far more different, as english doesn't have gender-oriented pronouns for the person speaking.

at heart, hinata is a caring individual, who loves animals, people, and the world around him, despite it's short comings and hard situations that have come to him. he's an all-around sweetheart that never wishes an ill-will on anyone that has wronged him, and just wants everyone to be happy. he can be serious in intensive situations, but tends to also shirk into the background if arguing occurs. he is timid and shy, especially around girls, and can be quite awkward when dealing with men that have the visage that he seeks for - a strong, well-built type. he has a love for games as well, and loves playing all sorts - from open world sandbox games like elder scrolls v: skyrim, rpgs like final fantasy, and visual novel like danganronpa. his library of games that he's played is rather large. he loves computers and playing around with game-making programs, does his own artwork, and also reads and writes fanfiction.

avoided throughout the history of this app is the reason for hinata's decision to dress in feminine clothing, but it will now be explained here. hinata shares quite a bit history-wise with his spirit, chihiro fujisaki. both were bullied at an early stage in school for being frail in appearance, and "girly", as one might say. The bullying was endless, so in order to hide from it, both hinata and chihiro decided to simply project themselves as female instead, and dressed in the female school uniforms for their schools, even wearing skirts out in public when out on the streets. they, essentially, decided to live life has girls. for hinata, he still doesit to this day, as its become a habit at this point, and is worried of being found out, as chihiro was. he yearns to be a strong man that doesn't hide behind a curtain of feminine wear.

aside from the insecurities, hinata also shares his big brain and kindness with his spirit. chihiro was intelligent, able to write artificial intelligence programs and hack into computer networks. in the games, his own work branched out to not just alter ego, a computer program created on a laptop to analyze information on a laptop, but even to monokuma. aside from that, his kindness extended to not even wanting to swat a mosquito for sucking blood on his arm, because even mosquitos have family. hinata is very much the same way, even going so far as to adopt more than one animal from a litter if he could, because who'd want to separate one?

hinata mikami is aware that his spirit is chihiro fukisaki.


hinata's tips:
- he's created three games so far that have been released out into the world, though two of these are only available in japanese. they are indie games, and are released through his own websites.
- aside from just wanting to create standalone games, he's eager to create an entire series that tells a story through mutliple expanisons.
- can speak japanese and english, with some french and spanish. he has difficulty at times spelling longer english words.
- is most likely to suggest "final fantasy" when asked for game suggestions. will change that to "danganronpa" when the person says they're not looking for an rpg.
- plays final fantasy xiv online on his ps4.
- runs a tumblr page dedicated to development of his games and will frequently post concept art regarding characters or scenery. often asks about opinions regarding the designs and hosts streams where he answers questions as well.
- he owns two rabbits, five fish, two hamsters and two cats. he buys animals in groups or pairs for fear that they'll be lonely. the rabbits have an entire room dedicated to their pen, the hamsters have connecting cages with tunnels in his living room, the fish have a large tank in the kitchen, and his cats have free reign of entire apartment. he should probably get a bigger apartment.


draco's comment: there's probably fifty things wrong with this app, but i'm gonna post it in incomplete for now since madeline still needs to get looked at and then get 15 posts, and i'm still not entirely sure about the history, and i want to make sure the images and everything wroks. face claim is so far unofficial, as i'm still on the lookout for a younger one. if anyone looking at this has suggestions that fit, please let me know!

chihiro fujisaki from danganronpa
occupation: computer tech / indie game designer
pronouns: him/his
birthday: march 14, 19xx
age: 33
face claim: hizaki
membergroup: animus
played by draco
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