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 Ripple In Time, Age of Adaline AU
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Only a couple more hours until the new year. People eagerly waited to watch the ball drop and welcome in the new year although it would be a little different for Joanna. The blonde would hear little moments of people complaining that it felt as if time was moving ever so slowly. Complaining how it felt like a long time before midnight. Not to Joanna. For a long time time meant very little for the woman. Not since the moment she stopped aging. The memories of that fateful night remained ever so vivid in the blonde's head. The freezing temperatures of the icy water. The stinging scrapes when her legs moved by the shattered glass of the window. The blinding spark of lightning. It was all there. Ingrained into her memory as if it had just happened. The irony being that it had all started on her birthday. On her twenty-fifth year of life. The day that would forever be tied to the moment that Joanna would cease to age. The fates must have had a ball with that one.

Now some may think that it was a glorious gift. The ability to never age. To never have to deal with graying hair or growing wrinkles. Perhaps at some point in Joanna's younger years she may have thought the same. What pained the woman most though was the foolish idea that she could get away with it. That she could go unnoticed for the rest of her life, whatever that may be, and keep this secret to herself but that bubble was roughly burst and one night Joanna found herself beginning the run of her life. Had she been alone in the world then perhaps the journey would have been easier to accomplish. No attachments would have helped to ease that pain but those had not been the cards dealt to her. When she died she died a mother. When she went on the run she had to leave her child behind out of safety. It would be years before Joanna would hold her child again and her heart ached knowing that Joanna was missing her child's life but Joanna told herself it was for the best. She had to believe that.

Today was that one day every couple years that that Joanna got to see her baby. Of course not so much a baby now. Her green's eyes shifted up and a bright smile grew on her face. Joanna pushed her chair back and rose to her feet, her arms wrapping around her precious one in a matter of seconds. "Happy birthday, baby." she whispered, never wanting to let go.

( © HUNTER. )

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