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phoenix archer schuler
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this is how
we otter pop

Starting a new job was nerve-wracking. Even though he was doing the same thing, it was at a new place. A police station, no less. It took a while to get settled into the station, but he felt he was finally getting there. Phoenix was starting to get to know some of the people in the station, some more than others. He was quickly getting to know the ones that seemed to know nothing about technology. However, the person he was meeting up with now he hadn’t met up with before.

Finding his way around the station was still a little hard for him, but he finally managed to find Lana’s desk. ”Good afternoon,” he started with a little smile and nod. ”I’m Phoenix.” He introduced himself as he held out his hand. He thought it would help him become more comfortable if he would introduce himself to everyone who he helped fix computers for. ”What’s going on exactly?” There was a little bit in the email, but he always liked to ask again to see if something could be explained any differently.

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