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 in darkened corners, meeting/gabriel
ashton eleanor glass
bakery owner
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Ashton rested her phone on her bedside when she got a confirmation text. It had been a long time since she conducted business like this. While she wasn't 100% sure, she was almost entirely certain that as long as he paid her for sex while they were in a place where it was legal, it wasn't breaking the law. Ashton would need to consult her very discreet lawyer later about that part. Nevertheless, it was a client. Who seemed more open to the idea of using her other services than he probably knew. The tall blonde openned up her closet and began thumbing through items of clothing. Conservative, no. That would be no fun. But leather was too on the nose. Ashton's fingertips ran along a smooth piece of cloth with large slits and smiled. This would be perfect. Absolutely perfect. She changed and spruced herself up with a small amount of makeup. She wasn't feeling that a full face of glam would be helpful for this particular occasion.

It was a little while later that Ashton's cab pulled up to the bar. On the ride over she had called and reserved a small cabana and texted Gabriel that he should ask for Nora at the host table. They would need privacy if they were to discuss business and the host knew Ashton. She liked doing business here. The cabanas were discreet and the cocktails were worth every cent. Heel meeting concrete and then wood as she entered Kettner Exchange. The host escorted her to her cabana as they chatted. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and smiled. "Yes, thank you. My usual of course. I let my guest know to find you. I don't know what this one looks like. Fun, isn't it?" She chuckled and hugged the host before backing into the cabana and closing the drapings with her. It wasn't long before her crispy brussel sprouts, a georgia sunshine and a glass of New Zealand wine. It was as close to home as she could get here. Though she had considered asking them to keep a few bottles of Australian wine around just for her.

Ashton had been quite early and now most of her brussel sprouts were gone when she looked up to the host opening the curtain. "Thank you, dear." She smiled and tipped the host as she welcomed Gabriel into the cabana. "I like to conduct business where there is a bit of privacy and great drinks.", she took a sip of her bourbon drink as she sat back down. "It's a pleasure to meet you in person, I suppose. Now let's talk business." Ashton crossed her legs towards the man and tapped the seat next to her for him to join her. He was more handsome than she had expected but based on their text conversation and his general presence, she shouldn't tell him that. He seemed like most of her clientel. The exact type of person you never compliment. The type that knows power well and has much of it. From what his friend told her, she could be of help to him. If only he'd realize it for himself.

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gabriel emory shaw
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Traveling all the way to Australia for sex was not something Gabriel had ever imagined himself doing, but there was a chance he was going to be doing just that. Not only that, but he would be paying for the girl to go with him.

What was he thinking?

Some would say that he was smart. Others would say he wasn’t thinking.

At least, not with the right part of him.

Gabe didn’t care. He dressed in a nice pair of slacks and made sure his dark colored shirt (he wasn’t entirely sure of the color as he is color-blind) was freshly ironed before he headed to the bar where he was supposed to meet this woman he had never met. She had sent a photo of herself to reassure him that she wasn’t hideous, but he wasn’t going to believe that until they were face to face. Pictures could be so easily faked nowadays and he wasn’t going to risk it.

Arriving at the bar, he followed her instructions and was lead back to a cabana where she was already waiting and much to his relief, the picture was accurate. Maybe not accurate enough, but it was accurate. She was still stunning.

”Pleasure,” he said with a little nod as he sat down next to her. There was more excitement in him now that he knew for sure what she looked like, that she wasn’t some ugly broad who was just trying to take advantage of whoever believed her. ”We should talk business.” The words easily slid off his tongue as his eyes looked her over becoming more filled with hunger, lust. ”So we are going to Australia?” He started, wanting to clarify the fact he already knew. ”And then what would you prefer?” Leaning in towards her, Gabe wasn’t sure exactly how this meeting was going to go. This was not something he had ever done.


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