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 mcbride, arlo caspian, the mad hatter; willy cartier; aysha
arlo caspian mcbride
underground cage fighter
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: AyshyPie#7392
MSG CHOICE: discord
arlo caspian mcbride
tw: drug usage / tw: violence / tw: some swearing / tw: homophobic slurs /

it had been storming the night you were born. thunder claps provided background noise as your mama screamed, and screamed, and screamed. it drowned out your daddy's grunts, complaints of, "shut up, sandra. it ain't that bad!" as the impressive thunder boomed outside in the august skies.

you'd been a mistake. a drunken fumble of hands and teeth and a passion that hadn't been seen in years led to you. your daddy had screamed, asked your mama to abort. "our youngest is 11, sandra!" he'd exclaimed, nostrils flared. "that accident will grow up loopy with no siblings to play with."

but she'd kept you. you were her last chance of being a daughter and you were meant to be. why, oh why, would god bless sandra mcbride with another child if it weren't to be a girl?

"it's a boy!" the doctor had exclaimed, unsure as to why mama cried in anguish at those words.

(sometimes when she got a little drunk and stained the rugs with her red wine, she'd recall your birth. she'd pull you close to her, kiss you on the side of the head. and she'd tell you she swore you came out laughing.)

the mad hatter from alice in wonderland
occupation: underground cage fighter
pronouns: he/him
birthday: 15th of august, 1992
age: 25
face claim: willy cartier
membergroup: incertus
5 positive traits: charismatic sanguine eccentric sociable confident
5 negative traits: violent irresponsible temperamental foolhardy unpredictable
played by aysha
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sknned by vanessa of shine and caution