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levi haruto castelo
 Posted: Oct 1 2017, 08:53 PM

levi haruto castelo

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theodore kuriyama

There were many things to love about the fall festival. Homemade items were on display loud and proud. Music would be playing and the squeals of young children could be heard as they played on the inflatable bounce houses. It was a great time! However, that wasn’t the best part.


The fall festival had plenty of food and drinks that Levi could try and enjoy! He looked forward to trying the pumpkin flavored things and drinking hot chocolate until his stomach hurt. This was a great time for him and he was eager to try everything!

Levi was munching on a cute pumpkin cookie (shaped like a pumpkin with delightful icing) when he spotted someone he hadn’t seen in awhile. He smiled brightly and waved as he called out his name. ”Theo!” He said eagerly as she headed over to see him. ”It's so good to see you! How've you been?” Levi questioned, as he took another bite of one of his cookies.

"Have you had some of these yet?" He questioned holding up a cookie that he hadn't eaten yet.


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