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 | a dream is a wish your heart makes |, 27 | baker/dominatrix | margot robbie
Meet San Diego's resident Cinderella. At first glance she's a sweet and lovely person without a flaw in the world, right? Wrong. Life isn't a fairytale and this Cinderella isn't a princess without a thing wrong. Ashton is a the owner of The Crust & Crumb, a San Diego pie shop that she's been saving up to open for years. Using all of her late mother's recipes to make the best pies in town. Including meat pies because Ashton is actually Australian. She's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, she wants to feed everyone and clean their house for them. She's a dreamer that came to San Diego to chase her dreams and run from her past.

Ashton is 27 and the oldest of triplets. Born in the Gold Coast. Her mother died in a car accident when she was 12, her father remarried to a brothel owner. She was manipulative and forced Ashton to do the chores for the whole family, never allowing her to get out of the house or to have a life at all. When she finally was nice to Ashton, it was to groom her to join the brothel and then give her an ultimatum that she'd get kicked out of the house at 18 if she didn't join. In Australia, it's legal but Ashton still didn't like it much at first. She found her groove and found that she didn't mind it as a job. Eventually she found she was best at BDSM dominant work. She spent years saving to move away and 3 years ago she had enough to move to San Diego.

When Ashton moved, she wasn't able to open her pie shop yet - and she wasn't legally allowed to have sex for pay. So she did what anyone in her situation with no degree and very few skillsets would do. She used her expertise in BDSM to become a no sex dominatrix. With the money from people who needed to lose control, she was able to open up her pie shop in October of 2017. Now she's doing both, chasing her dreams and far away from her family.

MANY. Many friends. Ashton is a loving, caring, friendly creature who wants all the friends to take care of and love on. She wants to be able to cook for people and help them do things like organize dishes properly and learn how to set a table. The sorts of things her mother taught her. She wants all the friends for all the reasons and probably already has a few established ones seeing as she's been in San Diego for a couple of years now.

Although she's private about her sex work past, there could be some people who know and are judgy. She doesn't outright hide it but it isn't something she advertises. New Zealanders will have their bit of rivalry. Rude af people. The usual suspects.

Pasts would be plenty here. Especially just sex. If you've been to Australia and partook in Brothels, it's possible you were involved with her. Clients former and present. Although present involves no sex of any kind for legal reasons. As for actual romantic relationships, Ashton is a romantic sap. She loves love. She's never had a solid relationship. A couple here and there but never anything real. She's the date for a couple years, get engaged, get married, buy a house, have kids type. So if that's not your bag, she's not the one for you. But it's completely open here.



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plotting shiznits here

maverick eachann o'connor
he / him
Candy Maker & Co-owner of O
PRONOUNS: she / her
TIMEZONE: central
MSG NAME: rinn#1331
MSG CHOICE: discord
So Mav runs O'Connor Candy Co. with his sister Spencer, and as a local business owner, I see him being really supportive of other local businesses. If The Crust & Crumb is in the business district it would be close to where Mav works (and lives in the apt above). I could see him being so excited to see a new place opening and following the smell of fresh pie in to check the place out and say hello. He's got days when he just needs company, so if he's not busy at the store I could see him just popping in from time to time to eat or chat or just sit and watch her bake (in a totally platonic and non-weird way, although he does have a tendency towards fleeting crushes). She be welcome at the candy store at any time, of course!

Kass is my Aussie, the Harwood am is from Australia and there are four of them, so Ash is in good company! Kass is in her last year of med school, next year she'll start her residency in emergency medicine, and I just have this funny idea that some sort of incident happens in Ashton's "night job" (idk rope burn, hot wax?? XD) that lands Ash in the hospital for a patch up and Kass being the innocent lil thing she is thinking "she must have burnt herself on a pie pan" then being flustered when she figures out what really happened?? idk maybe, maybe not. Regardless, Kass will love to be around someone who reminds her of home and if they got close enough it'd probably come out that they both lost a parent in a car accident (Kass's was killed by a drunk driver.) and they could bond, idK, NOW I'M RAMBLING.

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dimitri jon everett
PRONOUNS: she, her
MSG CHOICE: discord
ashton eleanor glass

Jake: One of my local business owners, Jake is my cafe owner and one of my social butterflies. He's the type to be able and pick up conversation with most anyone that comes into the cafe. I know Ashton has been living in SD for 3 years now but Jake does know what it's like to be someone new to the city as he was born and raised in Northern California until he moved for university. He inherited the cafe after his parents both died a couple years back and has been running it since. I know that Ashton was doing her dominatrix work after she moved her but would she had have any other jobs on the side? If so I can offer up the cafe if she maybe wanted to do part time to earn some more cash.

Dimitri: This guy here is my bartender. Over the past couple of months he started working at a burlesque club both behind the bar as well as part of the house band. Before that he was working at a regular bar that he had been working at for a few years. Dimitri's been in a relationship for a little over two years now but before that he was far more of a flirt, more likely to sleep around. He's another of my kiddos that has only been living in SD for a couple years. I think they could either be current friends or maybe even a past thing that maybe didn't end well?

I absolutely love this idea! I could totally see her being a little lonesome on slow days and putting a sign up that says out to lunch but really she's grabbing some candy and saying hi. Especially because right now business is slow since the place just opened and she's still trying to build some more hype. Love platonic friends who support one another!

AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! Love my Aussies! Okay so Ashton probably wouldn't injure herself while working because she's just sooooo professional. As she says in my head. But maybe she was testing out a new notting technique and got a rope burn. It'd be pretty funny and a good way for them to meet! And awwwww. Poor babies. Ashton is fairly open surprisingly so maybe she'd talk about it if it was relevant.

Awww i love Jake. So what I could see is her actually being a regular at his cafe and maybe she tried working there for a bit before she opened up her pie shop but she wasn't very good at handling the more "specific" and "picky" type of customers. Maybe she worked for like a week or two and then they mutually decided it wouldn't work but she still is a regular.

I totally love the idea of a past thing gone not so great! Maybe when she first got to San Diego before his current relationship and now things are kind of awkward when they see each other? Maybe it didn't end well because of her sex work or maybe they just didn't mesh? I really like this idea!
ayasha iris vogel
It's Complicated/CEO Of Kaarne Inc
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: pm<3
MSG CHOICE: discord
ashton eleanor glass &&Aya so I think that Aya would be totally fascinated by what Ashton does for a living, the dominatrix. Perhaps that's partially cause she's been dominated most of her life xD but I think she'd be oddly fascinatd and probably would come in -- she's been a CEO not that long and she's totally not used to it, so she may look for an out. Or perhaps she did when she was first a CEO and wasn't sure how to handle the power imbalance in her life

Jazz is totally another of mine that'd be weirdly fascinated but I feel like she'd also totally be teasing towards Ashton for the sake of she's a weirdo. Jazz also works in a bit of an outside job, she's a burlesque dancer who tends to leave bad luck in her wake. I feel like it could be interesting?

Della Della on t he other hand would totally be a frequent pie customer though she shouldn't be cause she should be eating healthy as a dancer. She's got a total sweet tooth. She's also a total sweet heart who would be bubbly and bouncy and just bounce her way into the shop often xD

Lily I totally offer up as a friend. She's a lion tamer, daughter of a socialite and business mogel but she herself loves making friends and is the sort to defend them to the end, with a big heart and, again, a big sweet tooth haha

Aiden Aiden I offer for flirting purposes xD he'd totally be a flirt all the dang time and mean nothing by it because he's not the sort for commitment but he would do it to try and make her smile. He's also a mechanic, so if she ever had to get her car fixed, he's her guy

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