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 ♕ take me to the water, aquata // horse rider and trainer
aquata mara balton
horse rider/trainer
PRONOUNS: she/her
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lottie && aqua
okay so bear with me here. i don't know that these two would be...best friend material because they don't really have similar interests and aqua doesn't associate too much with other women outside of the horse community. (unless they are family friends, family, or childhood friends. they're just very opposites. however, maybe lottie is aquata's hairdresser for her wedding? (or she got a gift certificate at her bridal shower or something.) and from there, we could actually see if they're friendship material or not?

ariel demetria waters && aqua
aqua feels like she's the original trouble making waters sister so i feel like that could bring these two together, bonding wise. and she may be a mom and "doing adult things" but she's far from feeling like a true adult and she does the best she can to have fun. she's not really as put together as you'd think and is always on the verge of feeling like a terrible mother. but she wouldn't reveal that to ariel. i think she would def watch over her sister and hope she doesn't make the mistakes she did (getting pregnant at twenty-one was not ideal.)

lottie && aqua
that's fair enough lol! i just got super excited for all the pics. xD i do love the idea that she dressed aqua up for her wedding though! i'd imagine lottie just adores weddings and thus she'd be thrilled! she'd dote all over aqua like "wow, you're so pretty. that is one lucky man out there!" lottie can make friends with practically anybody, but i can def see that aqua might not be so inclined haha!

ariel && aquata mara balton née waters
ahaha, i love that! i can see ariel just rolling her eyes like "get over yourself, aqua. and who says i'm a troublemaker?!"...lol! atm, ariel's probably a lot distant from her family since she's making some very bad decisions that will lead to some very bad circumstances, which will only further distant herself! so i'm trying to get all the sister bonding that i can get! maybe some horseback riding to get aqua out of the house? i imagine she and ariel have gone in the past and it could be like old times sake<3

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