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san diego
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set in JUNE, 2018

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 I'M NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT, eilonwy ; eliza taylor; professor
october riley harwood
psychology professor
PRONOUNS: she/her
TIMEZONE: eastern
MSG NAME: nessa#3116
MSG CHOICE: discord

levi & october

Levi is so cute, I know October is going to fall in love with him on the spot. She'll be slightly hostile in the beginning though just because she's protective of Kass and only wants the best for her but once she sees Levi for the sweetheart that he is, I know she's gonna treat him like the little brother she's always wanted.https://s19.postimg.cc/e19f7p3cj/4uGhZqO.png

She'll probably take him out at least once in the beginning as a sort of test to see if his intentions are good but afterwards, once they actually become friends, she'll hit him up all the time - especially after finals week when she's free and needs to destress. They're gonna be so cute omg

Uhhh idk I barely remember an hour ago so LET'S THREAD THEM ALL

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