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mai penelope saejima
 Posted: Nov 14 2017, 01:51 PM

mai penelope saejima

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Mai hummed while she rocked her son to sleep for his afternoon nap. Cradling his head Mai carefully lowered her two year old little boy into his crib while he drifted off to slumberland. He's was worn out. It was one of those days where Mai actually took a day of from the bakery and instead of just being in the apartment with her son she had planned to actually take the toddler out. As an added bonus Natalie was able to come along on their little adventure. Being such a sunny day Mai thought it would be perfect for an outing at the zoo. Mai had dressed Eiji up in a pair of cargo pants and cute t-shirt with a bear on it. Of course Mai had taken plenty of pictures of Eiji, a few of which she had sent to her husband.

For lunch the group found a nice spot in the grassy area to sit and enjoy. Mai had packed sandwiches and fruits to enjoy and at one point Eiji was waddling around the play area with Mai not far behind him. It shouldn't be surprising to have so much energy in such a little body. After enjoying a couple exhibits Mai was ready to call it a day starting to feel drained. The ride back to her apartment had been mostly quiet. About half way through the adrenaline seemed to be starting to fade as Eiji became far more calmer the closer they got to the apartment. By the time Mai was parking her son was fighting off sleep. Mai carried Eiji up to their apartment and with Nat's help got him inside and eventually onto his crib for a well deserved nap.

The door was left just a tad open with the baby monitor in hand as Mai returned to her sister and the living room. "He is worn out." she announced upon her return. "I should text Kai that we're home." she though, reaching for her phone to send a quick message to her husband that the family had returned from their trip. "Did you want anything to drink, I made some pink lemonade yesterday." she asked, walking to the refrigerator to pull out the pitcher with lemonade for herself. "How's Hiro's mom?" she asked. It had been a few days since Hiro had made an unplanned trip to Japan after his mother had suffered a heart attack. After living through their own mother's years of illness before her passing Mai could understand how scary that sort of thing could be.

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