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 * love is patient, love is kind
maverick eachann o'connor
 Posted: Mar 27 2017, 10:14 PM
26 years
he / him
Daniel Sharman
from Winnie The Pooh
Candy Maker & Co-owner of O'Connor Candy Co.
rinn is Offline / 70 posts / she / her

to the man marrying our daughter,
This letter, written by Spencer's parents around the year 2000, was intended for the man Spencer would marry. Having discovered it several years ago, Maverick delivered it to Shawn Blythe on the morning of Shawn and Spencer's wedding.
From the time she could walk, Spencer has been a handful. Always moving, always chatting, always so determined to get what she wants. You probably know this about her, or if you don’t, you’re in for quite a surprise. These are the things that make Spencer who she is – the light of our lives. Everything changed when this little girl came into the world, she has brought us more love and pride than can be written in a letter. It’s a feeling that we hope you can share with us one day: parenthood. A life-changing love beyond anything you can imagine. It will fill your lives with joy, and even so you will understand the fear that comes from sending your child out into the world to be his or her own person. They will have success, and make mistakes, and be faced with choices that they have to make without you. Spencer is no stranger to these things, and we know that we’ve raised her to the best of our abilities to make the right choices.

You’re reading this because Spencer has made one of the most important choices of her life: our daughter has entrusted you with her heart. In doing so, she’s given you so much more, you hold pieces of our hearts, and her little brother’s. Spencer’s life is her own, and if she vows to love you, so will we. You will be a much a part of our family as if we’d raised you ourselves. We welcome you into our lives with loving and open arms, we will cherish you as another son, and we will expect much from you. We are sharing our greatest gift with you, and we charge you with this: protect her, be her equal, love her, and never let her light dim.

Welcome to the family,

Liam & Moira O’Connor

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