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erin's a superhero!
 Posted: Oct 2 2016, 12:52 PM
24 years
from kiss me i'm irish
boys are cute
erin is Offline / 878 posts / she/her

Here you can put any suggestions you might have for the site. It could be for a site event, writing prompt, development game, etc. Anything that you think would improve the site or make your roleplaying experience more fun feel free to put your suggestions here!
[fant]put your idea here[/fant]

beckett avery balton
 Posted: Jun 3 2017, 05:35 AM
31 years
he / him
kit harington
from balto
vintner & former olympic equestrian
rinn is Offline / 134 posts / she / her

Helloooo! So something that I personally think would be very helpful is a child/offspring registry?? Lots of characters have kids with lots of different characters, so maybe for the sake of keeping them straight when plotting and writing posts and development stuff, we could have a list that says the kid's name, their parents names (or unknown/NPC or whatever), and their birthday/age.

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