welcome to fantasies unwind! We are an animation personified role-play! We've been open for five years as of October 2017 and are excited about the future!
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  • Please make sure to register with the character's full name (this includes middle if they have it) in lowercase. If you happen to not register correctly then you can fix it yourself by going to your control panel and clicking 'change username'.

  • Also, please keep in mind the names of other characters on the site. We realize that San Diego is a big city and there will be plenty of people with the same name, but for the sake of not being confusing please check the member list because we will not allow more than 3 characters with the same name.

  • While you're applying you will only be able to post in claims and to reply to want ads. Once accepted and your character has been properly sorted you'll be able to post in shippers, threads, etc.

  • When applying, give us a good idea of what the character is like. When finished, make sure to bump your application. An Administrator will get to it, but please give us at least a day to look over it before you begin to freak out about being accepted.

  • When getting ready to make your character keep in mind that we will not accept anyone under the age of sixteen. Here at Fantasies Unwind we believe that anyone under that age would limit their plots and therefore their threads due to having less of an emphasis on a high school or college setting.

  • Also something to keep in mind when creating your character is the age. We want to stick to plus or minus five years of the playby's actual age. If you're using a face that doesn't have a wikipedia or model's page or their age cannot easily be found, we would like for you to include links to where we can see their age to check. This being so we abide by this rule. We also prefer that the playby is a professional (model, actor, singer, author, etc). So, no youtubers/myspace/facebook/tumblr models, etc. If you are unsure if a playby would be accepted feel free to ask.

  • Character count we won't limit you, but please be mindful of how many you can handle. We don't want someone to have a handful of characters and a majority of them aren't even active.

  • The first two characters are free to be made, but each one after that must be purchased in the points shop. Each of your previous characters must also have all have at least one active thread and 15 posts.

  • When making the third or so on character you must also post links to your active threads in your application! If you don't do that you will be pended until we see links to your active threads with your previous characters.

  • Keep in mind, that even though we allow for little variations in their history and personality we would like to stay as true as possible to the spirit as possible.

  • We currently have a wanted canon list that can be found here. If you want a character on the list but aren't completely interested in the ad talk to the person with whom the ad belongs to before you make that canon, please. It is the considerate thing to do since the person may have a concrete idea about what they want, so keep that in mind when you are looking over them
character requirements
  • Racebending is allowed for characters who are originally white. Snow White can be black, asian, latina, etc. However, we will not allow whitewashing. For spirits who are not originally white (Tiana, Jasmine, Mulan, etc), you are allowed to pick a playby whose ethnicity is either originally as same as the spirit, or as close to the spirit as possible.

  • For example, if the spirit is of East Asian descent, then you are required to use a play by that is also of East Asian descent. You must also stick to the playby's ethnicity when you are creating a character. This means that Mulan can have a Korean play-by, but you must create a Korean character with the spirit of Mulan.

  • We do allow genderbending but only in secondary/minor characters.

  • As of August 13th 2016, animals also fall into the no white washing rule. This means characters from Tarzan, The Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, etc. need to stick with the ethnicity that is implied in the movie.

  • When getting ready to pick out your spirit please keep in mind that we will not allow characters from certain hybrid films. If you are considering a spirit from a hybrid film ask yourself this: 1. Does animation interact with the live action in any moment(s) of the film? and 2. Does the film take place in mostly in the real world? If the answer is yes to one or both of these then the film won't be allowed. Examples would be Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Enchanted.

  • You may only have one main character from the same franchise. You may, however, be allowed to have a main character and a supporting/minor character from the same franchise.

  • If you are unsure about a film, or any of the rules, please don't hesitate to holler/pm an admin. c:
  • We know that real life is important and we expect everyone to take care of their real life first; however, what we do ask is that you try to get on the site at least ONCE a week and if you need to be gone for a period of time to post an absence notice.

  • On the first of every month, Fantasies will now begin conducting activity checks. All you have to do is follow the guidelines provided to save your character/s. Should you fail to answer the check, your character will be placed into inactive, and your claims removed. You have until the next activity check to come back and reactivate your character, or your account will be deleted after it ends.

  • Make note that when reactivating an account we ask for a regular thread post.
  • This is an intermediate to advanced site. We don't have a set word count. We instead encourage you to mirror what your roleplay partner gave you.

  • Also, keep in mind that the post icons will disappear if you use the quick edit feature. So, if you use those to mark a topic as tw, m, etc then you might also want to add it in the first post just in case you forget.
graphics/mini profile
  • We all love seeing graphics and would appreciate profiles to have them display the character each person is playing. Icons are 210 in width and 400 in height.

  • Remember to fill in all your profiles and to fill in the age. You must enter your characters birthday for the age to appear!
please don't
  • Harass members or Admins in anyway. We want everyone to be respectful on the site.

  • If you do happen to have a problem with a member please PM an Admin about it first and we'll see how we can assist with the conflict. Don't go starting fights with people.

  • Please keep swearing to a minimum in posts and also limit it in Cbox or out of character.

  • Do not post any links to other sites in the Cbox, or push members on the site to join your site or another. There is an advertising board and anyone is free to place a site's advertisement there.

  • Also we don't want any drama in the cbox, so please don't start anything with anyone on there.

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