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 Casino Royale, kaia agape argyris
dimitri jon everett
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November 4th

Dimitri had gone all out on this one. Dimitri had never been to a prom. He had missed his own because by then he had chosen to no longer further his educational career. So there was no getting ready for that big night of the year or buying the tuxedo or renting a limo. None of it. Flash forward over a decade later and, well, it seemed like a nice time to change that. Dimitri had heard through the grapevine of these adult proms and they were never things that Dimitri was introduced in. Why would he? He hadn't cried over spilled milk the first time around. So why the change of mindset? Simple. Kaia. Kaia had been the reason for Dimitri to try and do things that he may not otherwise do this being one of said things. Sure this may not be the "high school" experience but it didn't need to be. It just needed to be a night for the pair to enjoy.

Dimitri had gone out to basically do the whole thing. He got himself a nice tuxedo - within a decent budge - and got a limo for the pair. The theme was very James Bond but instead of a dance in the school gymnasium but instead on a riverboat sailing across Mission Bay. It was definitely on the fancier and more expensive side as it was a hundred bucks a ticket but thank goodness for a nice array of tips. On top of it the prom also served as a charity events which was a definitely plus. Always a good thing to be able to give back.

The schedule was mostly set. The event started at seven sharp on the shoreline where people would be pleasured with champagne and a couple appetizers before boarding a half an hour later. This was where people would check in their coats and things. So fancy. It was a few minutes after eight when the boat was leaving the docks and beginning it's trip around Mission Bay. That was when it was time for dinner and they had spared no expensive. "They really make it worth the price." he chuckled. Their plates were each stacked with food which makes sense."Something tells me my actual prom wouldn't have been this nice." No, probably not. Dimitri didn't exactly come from a wealthy family and while the man may have worked but even if he had gone to his high school prom he was fairly certain he wouldn't have been affording this nice an ordeal. "Have you ever been on a steamboat before?"

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kaia agape argyris
pianist/aspiring actress
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I almost forgot
how beautiful the moonlight is
Kaia had gone to her own prom ages ago back when she had been in high school. She hadn’t had a date, it hadn’t really been in the cards for her at the time, but she had gone with a few friends. She had had a good time, if she remembered right, but she had remembered her after prom better when they had gone into the city and rented a room and gone to a club that let in under twenty one types, that she remembered better. She remembered her dress, her hair—still dark t hen before she had started to bleach it—and the limo.

But she had had a feeling tonight would be the one she’d remember more fondly.

She had been excited when Dimitri had brought up the idea of it, and even more excited when she had learned that Dimitri hadn’t been to his own prom so this would be his first experience with it and it would be with her and on a steam boat and really, the whole thing just sounded like a really good time, really exciting, and she was happy to get to it. She had absolutely encouraged it when he had asked her about it and eagerly accepted. This sounded like so much fun!

And so far it had been. The limo, the dress she wore that shone in the light and made her feel oh so glamourous—she had even picked one to cover most of her tattoos for once—and she had the best date here. She beamed at him as they went through the whole thing, hoping that he was having fun. The appetizers had been wonderful and she was happy to get on the boat and get this night really started. SO far it had been a blast.

She laughed a little bit when Dimitri spoke about the food and that he thought his own prom wouldn’t be nearly this glamourous. She grinned and shook her head. ”As someone who has been to prom, it definitely was not this glamour filled. This is definitely a bit brighter and more than mine was. It’s so cool. Are you having a good time?” she asked, knowing her mood was swung all the way up today. Absolutely all the way up. This was so cool! It was something she was glad she was sharing with her boyfriend.

She shook her head at his question. ”I went on a tour boat once around the city, but I’ve never been on a steamboat. It’s really awesome so far. Have you?” she asked, curious and returning the question. She wasn’t sure whether it would be better if he had or not, either way really had its fun. To think that she was on a prom expedition on a steamboat. That was definitely not something she thought she would ever say that she had ever done before in her life. But that was half of the fun of it.

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