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 i'm as free as my hair, art/may~
"And the phone number to the restaurant is here and here is some money to order pizza. The girls have had their baths so make sure they're in bed by 8, 8:30 the latest, and here is the wifi password." Meili was talking a mile a minute as she walked around the kitchen, pointing things out to the babysitter. Meili didn't go out a lot so when she did, she felt nervous about leaving her daughter's during the night. The babysitter she hired was recommended to her by a friend and the teenager looked sweet. It was just Meili's own paranoia that was making her so cautious. The babysitter nodded her head and accepted the slip of paper with information on it and the cash for dinner. "Lin can be a little... quiet with people she doesn't know. Don't let it bother you," she said. The babysitter gave Meili a warm smile and nearly shooed her out the door. Her daughter's were in good hands - her nerves mostly came from this date.

The last date Meili went on was with Julien a few months ago and it went fairly well. However, she wasn't in the right place to pursue a new relationship after her last divorce and she mostly agreed to the date to shut her friends up. It was a fine night and Julien was a complete gentleman but Meili hasn't called to plan a second date. Something about dating at her age made everything seem so serious and like she had to rush into a new relationship. Meili was fine with not being married or having a partner. She had her career and her daughter's and that's all she needed.

Tonight she was going on date with a new man. His name was Arturo but he went by Art. They become quick friends in the time she's known him. He understood her personality well and didn't push her to talk to him and complied with her guarded behavior. It was a breath of fresh air to meet someone who didn't force her to open up on the spot. Art was attractive and the two agreed to have a dinner date. Meili didn't remember who asked who but it didn't matter. She called for an Uber to come pick her up and take her to the restaurant. She had a babysitter for the night so she might as well enjoy herself. Meili texted Art to let her know she was on the way.

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