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 kunchai, dao, si | urassaya sperbund | syn
dao kunchai
resort tycoon
PRONOUNS: she/her
TIMEZONE: Seoul/Tokyo
MSG NAME: syn#1674
MSG CHOICE: discord
dao kunchai
> 26 > female > urassaya sperbund
full name > dao kunchai
prefers >
dao, ms. kunchai
pronouns > she/her/hers
gender > female
age > 26
birthday > may 25th 1992
hometown > bangkok, thailand
education > college graduate
languages > thai, chinese, english, italian
occupation > resort owner
member group> exitium
spirit> si
movie> lady and the tramp
request? > no
family & platonic
parents >
gamon kunchai & sukhon kunchai
sibling(s) >
pensri kunchai (25)
children >
other >
pets >
yogurt, a siamese cat
sexual orientation > bi-sexual
romantic orientation > gray-romantic
marital status > single
current >
previous >
faust kingston
favorite film > hateful eight
favorite tv show > american horror story
favorite book > hangman's daughter
favorite song > horns by bryce fox
favorite emoji > none
favorite color > sapphire blue
likes >
hot baths/saunas
her sister
shiny stones
dislikes >
her father
disrespect for her sister
being in the dark
TW: Mentions of prostitution and blackmail.

October 6th, 2016

Chai Resorts.

In Thailand, they dominate the coast. The premier resort in the country, they provide a bevy of services that go beyond what one might associate with a resort. The founding tycoon, Gamon Kunchai, passed down the CEO title to his eldest daughter, Dao Kunchai, this past Thursday and in doing so has secured his own dynasty in resort royalty.

A pause, the low tones of a young man pausing in his recital as Dao sat before him a soft smile curling her lips and leaving her a vision of soft, warmness. Dao wasn't an idiot, she knew what was coming next and there wasn't a moment that her face showed anything but kind patience. With an encouraging nod, the woman settled into her chair. Waited for the reporter to finish reading what they both knew he wanted answers too.

It's amid reports of nefarious dealings and less than savory practices that Dao takes the reins of the company. The newest scandal, rumors of prostitution, come in the wake of her announcement to take over the company..

His eyes lift, expectant to find something that might cross her face and give some hint of what she was feeling. What she might have thought as the man read to her from one of the newspapers that had been eager to dig into such rumors. Nothing did cross her face.

Even if the rumors were stone cold truth.

"My father's company was founded on the principles of bringing relaxation and health to those who walk through our doors. Those principles are what drive the company, and are what I abide by each and every day. The resorts have grown and prospered, even amid such salacious rumors. We've just opened a brand new resort on the west coast of the United States, proof that those rumors hold no validity in the real world."

But they were true, something low and coy whispered in her ear. Whispered to her very being. Some little voice in her that was pleased, immensely so. Chai Resorts had started as something small, by her father who was so determined to see his dream come to fruition that he did anything to get where he was. Include forsake his family for it. Dao didn't inherit her father's company. She took it from him. Took it and all he owned for punishment. For what he had done to her sister.

What brought you to San Diego, you could have surely built your newest resort wherever you wanted, why here?

Typical reporter questions, though Dao knew that there was a reason he was probing into it. Into her reasons. It roused suspicion in her, but she did nothing more than smile oh so prettily at the man. She was always composed and polite, until she was given the ability to do other. She never was anything other than a good girl in front of strangers.

"My sister, actually. I was looking at property in Mexico, but she took up a job here in San Diego. She asked me if I'd reconsider looking at property in San Diego. I relented." The reporter nodded, his pen furiously scrawling notes on the little notepad that he had, leaving her to study him while his gaze was elsewhere. Classically handsome, the typical american hollywood man circa nineteen fifty. She could appreciate that beauty, along with the fact that he seemed far more attentive than she'd given him credit for.

You've got a close relationship with your sister yes? What about the rest of your family? Not much has been heard from your father in the past years.

Again, his eyes lifted to scour her face and she had to allow herself an ounce of interest. He wasn't interested in her answers as much as he was interested in how she reacted to those answers. It made her question, what did he know? She responded to his inquiring gaze with a placating smile, shifting so that her hands could rest on her knee. "My parents are retired, in Thailand. They prefer their peace, we visit when we can, but they understand. My father's been satisfied with the work I've done, and I'd do nothing to shame him or what he built." Another placating response, leaving him with no true answer to his question. The coy smile on her lips made it clear she wasn't about to give him anything else.

So, the rumors about your father selling your sister as a prostitute, they're unfounded then yes?

His lips immediately quirked into a smirk the moment that her own smile fell from her lips. There were no rumors of the sort. Not any that had made it into papers, or magazines, or on websites. Nothing that hinted that Gamon Kunchai had used his daughter for gain. "I suggest you keep that rumor to yourself, Mr. Havenwood. It's entirely unfounded, not to mention detestable of you to accuse of my father." Her voice had lost that coy, playful nature and instead there was a coldness that set her pretty, petite face into a stone.

It didn't matter that it was the truth. It didn't matter that when Dao found out that Gamon had meant to whore out her younger sister to reward those who'd provided a hefty financial backing to his business, she'd all but ruined him with all the secrets she knew. Ruined him and tucked him away in some desolate part of Thailand that he'd never wander out from lest he want to forfeit his life.

It was a well kept secret that Dao had done much in her life, but the greatest of her accomplishments was the learned ability of garnering secrets. It wasn't hard for those who know the woman to see why she was so successful. Smart, and especially quick to see and grab the opportunities in front of her, Dao had made sure that her future, and that of her sisters, would be theirs to control.

Of course it is. Don't worry, I'm not interested in starting rumors. I've only got one more question for you. You speak, what is it, four languages? What was behind your desire to know so many?

"Yes. Four." She murmured, gaze stuck on his own. Dao knew that this question wasn't about her languages at all. He was probing, again. Her smile curled her lips, something less coy, less complacent. "I'm learning a fifth. Spanish. It's very useful. Mr. Havenwood, I think this is the end of our interview. It's been a pleasure, but I suggest you go home to your family." She rose from her seat then, her stature small and slight though the weight of her gaze lay heavy on the man. "Your wife starts work next week, doesn't she? A secretary at Ambiance yes? Perhaps you should put your effort into knowing who owns that particular chain of salons."

She didn't wait for him to answer, though the implication was clear. Dao had come into the interview knowing all the pieces, all the players, and all the moves. She wouldn't have it any other way. It was easier for others to do her dirty work for her, and lay behind the mask of a pretty, innocent woman. The Kunchai sisters were often considered adorable, but the truth was, they were both ruthless. The eldest, perhaps, the most.
spirit relation
To start with, Dao Kunchai is of Thai heritage. Her name and her birthplace are both Thai. Siamese cats got their start in the kingdom of Siam. In 1939, Siam was renamed Thailand. Her face claim is Urassaya Sperund who was born in Pattaya, Thailand.

Both Si and Am do not stray too far from one another, they are always seen together in the movie. Dao and Pensri have a very close bond. Only a year apart, the two don't tend to drift too far apart. They get into mischief together, and they both get each other out of that mischief.

Both Si and Am blame Lady for the damage they've done, Dao is extremely adept at both blackmail, and making sure that things she does always ends up in the blame of others. She has the same sly and cunning attitude that Si exudes, as well as taking the opportunities presented to her, such as when Lady tries to put the fish back in the bowl but ends up almost feeding the fish to one of the siamese cats.

It's clear, despite the fact that the movie is monstrously steroetyped, the two cats are not from wherever the movie is from. Both Dao and her sister are not native to the United States and have both traveled to San Diego, riding on the curtails of their father's company despite Doa having control over it.
the player
alias > syn
pronouns > she/her
age > 24
timezone > seoul/tokyo
contact > discord: syn#1674
triggers >
none so far
other characters >
dao kunchai
resort tycoon
PRONOUNS: she/her
TIMEZONE: Seoul/Tokyo
MSG NAME: syn#1674
MSG CHOICE: discord
erin's a superhero!
cat central
cat lady
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
Syn, Dao has such an air of mystery to her. She carries herself well and isn't afraid to go after what she wants. It's clear that she reads people well. Honestly, Dao is very intimidating which is perfect for the spirit!! You've done such an excellent job and I can't wait to see more from her!!! Don't forget to make your claims! Welcome to Fantasies Unwind!

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