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 befour, coffeeshop
rei shin hino
 Posted: Nov 4 2017, 08:11 AM

rei shin hino

sailor mars / rei hino from sailor moon







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shin minah


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Being pregnant again was terrifying for Rei. She was constantly afraid of doing the wrong thing, of causing this pregnancy to go belly over like the last time. She didn’t want to lose this one, and had been even more careful about doing everything right. However, even so, she was still doing the things she usually did, and that included going to work. She’d tottered over dead bodies all day and after work, because Minato was busy, she found herself in a coffeeshop, picking at a croissant. She had a book open and was reading it. The book was about pregnancy, and she’d read it twice over already but thought a third time couldn’t hurt.

Rei was excited but cautious about the pregnancy, and couldn’t wait to see her stomach pop because then at least it would feel real. Although it wouldn’t truly feel real until she had the baby in her arms and was rocking it to sleep for the first time, at least it would start to feel real when she was showing.

Sipping from her mug of hot cocoa, she looked around and noticed someone she actually knew had walked in. She debated waving them over but she decided against it, she didn’t need the social interaction, really. Although she knew Minato would probably be very proud of her if she actually tried to be social, but she wasn’t really interested in it. Instead she turned her eyes to her book.

feel free to spill coffee on her, bump into her, notice her book, etc!
you can't stop desire

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