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 ♔ WEAR YOUR CROWN BROKEN, moon / alana
rhiannon avery renard
 Posted: Jun 6 2017, 12:59 PM
20 years
kaya scodelario
from frozen
combat shotgun is Offline / 367 posts / ♀

lean on me alana rae waters
it was a delightful feeling to know that she had found her footing once more. it was mostly thanks to her father and nell and ariel that she was like this again, finding enjoyment in her studies, as well as hobbies. she had gotten back into gaming, and was spending time with nate more than ever. it was during these times that rhi found herself smiling a little more than usual, putting her in a good mood. she was enjoying cooping herself up in university as she battled tricky formulas and equations, pencil jotting down number after number, and a finger swiftly tapping the buttons of the calculator next to her. what she wouldn't give for some company, really, it was a nice thought.

it wasn't too long before she got her wish. her earphones were plugged in, blasting mozart, and so, she missed the familiar other woman waving at her. she continued working, blue eyes intense as she focused on finishing this problem. it was only when her shoulders were tapped did she look up sharply, a brow quirked in inquiry, and a hand slowly removing an earphone. it was alana, ariel's older sister. "alana," she greeted her, her tone curt, and much, much too formal addressing someone who was only a few years older than her, but it was rhi.

'can i help you?' nearly popped from her mouth next, before she realised how incredibly rude and dismissive it sounded. "how are you?" out popped the other earphone, and she put her pencil down, eyes alight in inquiry. she wasn't sure what it was that lana wanted with her, certainly not to tutor as they were both in drastically different fields of studying. "did you need something?" assist, she could do. rhi wasn't sure what she could do, really, that would require her help for kana, but she found it hard-pressed not to ask. the thought her being approached for her company, rhi's company, was...bemusing to say the least.

alana rae waters
 Posted: Jul 14 2017, 02:30 PM
21 years
ella purnell
from the little mermaid
moon is Offline / 57 posts / she/her

we could be
alana loved school, really. she enjoyed learning new things and proving her worth, but sometimes it just didn't really work out the way she wanted to. like today, when she got back a project she felt like she aced, and it turned out she didn't. not even close. "there is potential," her teacher had said, but potential wasn't going to get her anywhere.

she needed those high grades if anyone was ever going to take her seriously, she didn't want it to be like high school all over again. granted, this was only one grade out of many, but it was more than enough to bring her down for a moment, sitting on her own in the school's courtyard..

she needed company.

her classmates had already gone home. understandable, who wanted to stick around at school doing nothing for an hour? but it meant she would have to find someone else to talk to. not feeling like approaching some stranger, she scanned the crowd for a familiar face, eventually finding one.

wasting no time, she immediately walked over. she had known rhiannon for quite some time, and though she was more ariel's friend than hers, she felt like she could get along with her just fine. her company would do.

tapping her on the shoulder, alana managed to muster up a smile when she turned around. "hi, rhi," she greeted, sitting down next to her and glancing over at the work she was doing.

lots of numbers. she didn't understand a single thing.

"oh, i'm good. same old," she replied, despite it not being entirely true. she didn't come here to complain, she came here to get her mind off of the thing she would complain about. "how about yourself? i'm not bothering you, am i?" she nodded towards her schoolwork, not wanting to potentially ruin a good study session.

"i just felt like some company, but if you're busy i can go, of course."

rhiannon avery renard

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