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 reaction gifs for the cbox
twinkle twinkle tokki
tumbling tokki
boys r cute
graphics woooooooo
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: beccatokki#5144
MSG CHOICE: discord
if you hadn't yet noticed, we're doing a new thing in the cbox with gifs! we're going to add little gifs to the smileys for the cbox. and we're taking suggestions! the criteria is: try to keep them G-PG13 rated, and have a legitimate use! (So no gratuitous gifs of your ship or face claim just smiling.) after reviewing your suggestion, tokki (me) will resize it for the cbox!

here is the form:

[b]gif url:[/b]
[b]reaction it can be used for:[/b]
[b]anything else you wanna say? <3[/b]

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