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jazz lexi morgenson
 Posted: Jun 5 2017, 05:24 PM
N/A years
Madeline Rae Mason
from teen titans
burlesque dancer/tattoo artist
luna is Offline / 34 posts / she/her

What's the matter?
afraid of a little bad luck?
It had been a long night for Jazz, but that didn’t matter to her in the end really. This was the girl who had started drinking coffee at a startlingly young age because her father was keeping her out to all hours as his lookout and she had to keep up appearances at school. Maybe that was why she was so short? And the very same girl who had clawed her way up to gymnastics captain at her college and high school level. And she hadn’t gotten there by sitting on her ass. She had gotten there through plenty of work.

So that meant that a full shift as a burlesque dancer wasn’t going to tire her out enough that she wasn’t still awake enough to get right back out there and do some more dancing. Oh no, she was still practically wide eyed and bushy-tailed. It didn’t hurt that it had been a damned good shift and she had picked up enough tips that it wouldn’t be any trouble to spend a bit of it on a night out—not that she intended to pay for much, thank you. She knew how to charm her way into a drink or ten.

But, regardless, it had been a good shfit and it had left her on a high. The good ones usually did. She loved being center stage and that was precisely what she had gotten. She was ready to flaunt all of this energy and have a damn good time, maybe bring someone home while she still could before her whiny brother got his ass back home from school and decided to complain about her bringing home whoever it was that she decided to bring home. He should be grateful it was her in charge these days and not her father, dammit, she could do what she wanted. But out of sympathy not wanting to hear it, she was going to behave later on.

That was later on though. The night was still young for someone who worked late jobs and slept in most days to make up for it. She had changed into a flirty little purple-black dress that showed off the whole of her massive back tattoo, fixed her pretty little ponytails at the side of her neck, nice and low, and was so ready to get going. She knew just where she was headed too. One of those more high end places, those places where she could flir and play with a higher clientele. Why not? She was worth it. Jazz liked all the pretty things in life and the more expensive, the better.

A cheisre cat grin that some people might call a little bit mad and a slight crazy glint in her eye were her constant companions as she headed into the place, purring and smiling and being oh so grateful to the bouncer who let her in without a cover fee. She scanned the crowds to see if she spotted any one and—oh. There was a familiar face. The grin grew a bit because talking to Felix Tyler was always entertaining at the very least and wove her way through the crowd to be before him in a moment. ”The service is terrible, how long’s a girl got to wait to get a drink bought for her in this place?” she started with her more than slightly unconventional hello. Why not start it off interesting and see if she couldn’t get a drink in the process.

588 - felix tyler - hope this is okay!
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