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 ❥ make me whole, all the great mouse detective
nell van durst
PRONOUNS: she/her
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luna's wants

the Great Mouse Detective

Requesting for Nell!

father, 40's-50's, open, flaversham, open

"ratigan", 30's, open, ratigan, open

"toby", 19-21, open, toby, open

cousin, 20's, open, see below, open


old enough to have Nell!, open, hiram flaversham, open

So now, I'm pretty set on this being the spirit of Mr. Flaversham but if you've got another spirit idea feel free to run it by me! So Flaversham here used to be a genius toy maker but also quite the brilliant mechanic and in order to put food on the table, he is a single father after all, he was doing some work for Ratigan. Work he was ashamed of but what could he do? He did his best to keep Nell away from it and was horrified when she would bring him dinner and end up learning coding tricks from Ratigan's minions. When an eager young cop had plans to take down the Rat and approached Flaversham with a deal to save him from being in that life...well he took it.

The problem was that it fell through. They went into witness protection and he went from brilliant, top of his field with a bright and gentle daughter to a no one working odd jobs with an increasingly surly daughter.

Until one day a year and a half ago when Nell came home to blood in her house, her front door hanging open and a missing father. She assumes Ratigan has him and he well could! Or maybe he faked it because he knew Ratigan was getting close. Or maybe he's being held captive. All that Nell knows is that he's gone and has been so for so long so she went back to San Diego because it's her home and to find the cop that helped them.

Just about everything else is open. He raised Nell to be unfailingly polite and is so himself. His face is open and where he is or what happened. I would just love to drop him back in her life when she's just rearranged it to work without him in it cause she thinks he's gone.



20's-30's, jeffrey dean morgan?, ratigan, open

Ratigan is well known on the site after being the mastermind behind the attack that took out many of the shops around that had to be built back up. He also runs the organization that runs in opposition to the Moirae, which the Nox sisters run. So that makes this a double request! Both for Ash and Nell. So Ratigan was nearly put away when Flashersham turned on him but he got away thanks to some bribery and twisting. So I don't doubt that he took Flaversham to get back at him, have him work for him again. And I deff don't doubt that he would grab Nell either to try and use her against her father as motivation or, if he doesn't have her father, to get at him. But he definitely has a bigger darker agenda in mind. He is not a nice man. He's a rat.

I'm totally fine with any face and everything else is open except the spirit!


19-21, open, toby, open

Now I can't resist requesting Toby. I have done so before (with Hun) for Nell. I'm also TOTALLY OPEN with it being a different spirit! I just think it'd be fun for Nell to have this person around in her life.

Nell is very much a person who keeps to herself. She adores her friends, but keeps the pool of them small, and though she's polite and naturalyl a bit more open to friends, her time in witness protection makes her very wary and quick to push people away a bit more. So Toby is a bit of a total puppy dog, trying to get her attention, and openly flirting, and a little bit terrible at it and she tries to tell him she's not interested but she'd totally miss him if he was gone! A good loyal friend with a bit of a flirting twist. I give no garentees it'll be romantic on Nell's end but I'd love to see where it goes?


20's, kacey rohl, depends, open

So I've been on a Magicians kick and I had this idea but no more charries for me xD But I feel like Kacey Rohl looks like Nell's FC and I want a bit of drama in her life! cause I'm not sure I wanna request Ratigan yet So, Nell doesn't have siblings and only had her father but I don't doubt she had a cousin she knew growing up, though I don't think they were all that close. Now, Cousin here fell in with Ratigan, maybe he took her on cause he was mad Nell's father left or maybe she was working there already but she definitely rose in the ranks when he disappeared. I am thinking that I would like her spirit to either be Batty or Felicia, and that would change why she's still working for Ratigan: Batty was always a little afraid of Ratigan so maybe that's why she is, but Felicia was prized and preened and happily stuck around so... depending! And that would change if she's going to keep Nell being back in town from him or not. Or if she'd cause more drama for Nell or not, so this is pretty open! Either way, I was thinkng it would be fun if she took Nell in, she's fairly fond of Nell but in a detatched sort of way and kind of uses the fact that Nell is craving family to her own gain: asking for favors, getting Nell to run errands, etc. She's wild and she's got a dark sense of being regardless of spirit but I would love some family for Nell!<3

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