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san diego
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 + normal is vastly overrated, isabeau adèle santos
nathaniel christian jackson
nate or nathan
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isabeau adèle santos

Nate was not a superstitious person. He didn't believe in bad luck because a black cat walked in front of you or so many years of bad luck for breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder. To him, it was all nonsense. Thi Friday he didn't think anything odd was going to happen either.

But, strange things were happening.

Stranger than past Friday the 13ths.

As he woke up and looked around, he realized that he was no longer in San Diego. This was a new world. Skeletons were walking around like they were fully functioning people. Not everyone looked fully human and then he noticed something more alarming - he wasn't human either.

His hands were giant paws that were covered in fur. His legs were now slender and nearly dog like. Nate hated looking at mirrors, but he slowly went over to one and and noticed just how different he was. In his confusion, he smashed the mirror. How was he supposed to take care of Chris when he looked like this? Looking like this would terrify the little boy.

Knowing he needed to be near him anyway, hoping for the best, he went to find his son, but there was no sign of him anywhere. As he looked around, he noticed that there was a sign of an animal being in the house, but if there was now he couldn't find it. Had Chris changed too?

Nate didn't want to go out in public looking like he did, even if there were other strange things happening, but what else was he going to do if his son wasn't here? He needed to go find his son and to do that, he needed to go out in public.

Then there was a knock on the door. Maybe, just maybe someone had found him so he didn’t have to go out.

He slowly opened the door, trying to hide behind it as much as possible. As soon as he saw the woman he did on the other side, it took everything in his power not to slam the door. ”Bo?” Nate questioned as he looked at her a little closer.


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