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 Rose, Calliope Isolde, Aurora; Dove Cameron; Meg
calliope isolde rose
Callie or Allie
PRONOUNS: she/her
Calliope Rose
> 25 > She/her > Dove Cameron
full name > Calliope Isolde Rose
prefers >
Callie or Allie
pronouns > she/her
gender > female
age > 25
birthday > April 18th
hometown > Hoboken, New Jersey
education > a College Degree in Zoology
languages > English
occupation > Animal Keeper
member group> Imperium
spirit> Aurora
movie> Sleeping Beauty
request? > kind of but kind of not
family & platonic
parents >
Aiden Rose & Emma Rose
sibling(s) >
children >
other >
Isabella Ryder – Aunt
Charlotte Ryder – Aunt
Audrey Ryder – Aunt
pets >
None yet but wants a dog
sexual orientation > Heterosexual
romantic orientation > Heteromantic
marital status > none
current >
previous >
Declan Phillips – High School Sweetheart
favorite film > Ever After
favorite tv show > Shadowhunters
favorite book > Les Miserable
favorite song > The Other Side by Ruelle
favorite emoji > blonde haired girl with crown
favorite color > Pink & Blue
likes >
Playing Piano
Her Family
Amusement Parks
Walking in the Woods
dislikes >
Scary Movies
Tobacoo smoke
Soap Operas
Calliope Isolde Rose. I know what you are thinking, why did her parents give her such a strange first name and not something like Amanda or Britney? Truthfully, I didn’t know for a good chunk of my life who had named me. You see my parents were both very young when they shared a night in the dorms and conceived me. Neither was prepared to drop out of college to be parents and neither could raise me at all. I mean picture raising a baby in the college dorm rooms. I mean I am sure it could have been done but dad was doing his business degree and mom was on track to be a programmer.

My mother was the youngest of four daughters and her sisters lived together. She wanted to keep her daughter within the family so that maybe one day when she could support her daughter she could take her back and tell her the truth, because that would never backfire right? I was dropped off as a baby with my three aunts in Hoboken, New Jersey. It was a comfortable life for the most part and they supported and loved me like I was their own daughter and not just a niece to them. Questions came up about my parents and they would answer as best they could. I was confused as a child as to why I never had a father figure in my life.

My aunts were again very supportive of my life and the things I wanted to do such as singing and learning to play the piano. Guess it is Ironic that Calliope means Beautiful voice as I was gifted with singing and while she did have to work with a coach to be better she was talented from the start. I loved it so much and my aunts got a cheap piano for me and they loved to hear me play and sing her favorite songs. Life was great for a while as I grew up. I went to school made friends, struggled throughout the middle school years with becoming more and more of an adult and the drama that just happens in the public school system. I did get into music classes and auditioning for the musicals and getting at least a part in the ensemble if not a role.

It was my sixteenth birthday when he aunts sat down with her and really explained why my parents gave her up and who my parents were. Turns out they had made a good life for themselves and married after graduation. Mom was a software development for a big cooperation that her father also happened to be the marketing manager for. They both made damn good money and they decided that after 16 years they wanted their little girl back. I was made at first and honestly stomped off to her room locked herself in and cried over it. my aunts had been my family for so long and now out of nowhere they were going to just hand me over to what I only knew as strangers.

I really didn’t have much choice in the matter and packed up my things to move to another part of New Jersey where her parents lived. They both worked in New York but it was easier to just commute into the city for them for the time being. I did have to transfer from her old school to a new one, which was stressful and would not be the last time I had to move. I got used to her parents and found that they got along well and had a lot in common. I always did keep in touch with her aunts because they had raised her for most of her life. It would be the summer before my senior year that life got very crazy. My father got a huge promotion to be one of the CEOs of the company and made a lot of money. My parents may not have come from old money at all but they were in that upper one percent now.

We packed up our bags and were moving into a penthouse in upper Manhattan which meant a new school again. My new school was very small not a lot of people were going to it all and it felt more and more like a private school each day. Everyone knew everyone and here I was a new girl with no friends and no real understanding of how the rich lived. I might as well have grown up a pauper around these kids.

Things were looking not the best for me at first but then my eyes feel across a fellow senior at my new school, a young man. The attraction between him and I was undeniable almost like I had found a missing piece to the puzzle that was my life. There was resistance on both ends as I wasn’t ready for a relationship being so new to the lifestyle that Declan led, but the force between us just wanted us to be together. They had a nice run while it lasted, but Declan didn’t want to do the whole school thing, it just wasn’t him. He didn’t want to take over the family business at all and education was always important to me and my family. I had chosen and been accepted to Cornell and I wanted to be a zoologist. That was the end of our relationship and we ended badly but also it was very confusing how we ended. He ran off to some state never to be seen again.

I went and did all my schooling with Cornwell and graduated with a few honors within my program. I got a job out in the area being a zoo animal handler until I decided I wanted to move away from New York and go work for a much bigger zoo. I went and applied for a job at a few zoos in California and a few in Florida. Long behold, I got the job at San Diego. I packed up my entire life and moved out to my new apartment near the zoo. I am excited to start my new life here and I do still keep in touch with my family back home.

spirit relation
First off Auroras gifts from the fairies were beauty, song and the amendment to the evil fairies. I chose her name to reflect her gifts. Calliope is beautiful voice and Isolde is beauty. I picked her last name as Rose because throughout the entire movie is Briar Rose until she is told she is Aurora.

I also decided to modernize the story of her family having to give her up to the three fairies to raise her which I changed and made into her aunts instead. I followed the story of on her 16th birthday her parents reunite with her. She also had a small relationship with Prince Philip (it does go a little off canon as I am sure they end up together in the end of the movie).

She loves to sing and was trained into singing which also connects her to her spirit who was great at singing enough so to stop the prince and make her come to her location in the forest. The piano is a little added touch for her to make her fit more in the modern world over her animated movie. I also decided to make her career zoologist because she was close to a lot of animals in the forest so much so that they were her friends and she sang and danced with them. She understood them on a different level.

Her personality is pretty on par with the sense of duty and education but also in a fun and bubbly way. She is dramatic as you can tell from the way she just broke up with Declan at the young age over him not wanting to go to school and being able to support her. She has a grace about her as well in most situations.

the player
alias > Meg
pronouns > she/her
age > 25
timezone > cst
contact > pms here
triggers >
other characters >
No other children to show

erin's a superhero!
cat central
cat lady
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
Hello, Meg! Calliope really does fit the role of Aurora. I like how you added in the modern touches and fit in her being separated from her parents. I can't wait to see her around the site and what all you do with her! Welcome to Fantasies! Don't forget your claims!

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