welcome to fantasies unwind, an animation personified role-play! we've been open for five years as of october 2017, and are excited about the next five years!
news: we currently have a posting challenge going on which you can check out here! be sure to pay attention to the details! this will affect your characters.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
adella serena waters Imperium | Royalty 4-October 13 721
adrian yuxian hua Incertus | Wanderers 9-October 14 289
aegean silas forsteri Animus | Heroes 10-June 15 146
agnes marie little Fidelis | Sidekicks 5-December 17 0
aiden vincent knight Animus | Heroes 4-October 13 340
ainsley gaia adams Incertus | Wanderers 22-April 17 44
aislinn luna nox Exitium | Villains 16-May 14 209
alexander miura Animus | Heroes 13-April 14 547
alice avery liddell Animus | Heroes 14-March 15 171
alyssa kara forsteri-shepherd Fidelis | Sidekicks 20-June 14 241
anna sophia glass Invito | Registering 24-October 17 0
anne rosemary lloyd Imperium | Royalty 31-August 17 24
aquata mara balton née waters Imperium | Royalty 8-April 15 204
ariel demetria waters Imperium | Royalty 18-November 16 186
arjun naveen om khan Fidelis | Sidekicks 9-November 17 7
arlo caspian mcbride Invito | Registering 9-January 18 0
ashton eleanor glass Imperium | Royalty 6-October 17 19
atlas judah carter Exitium | Villains 5-June 17 27
attina isadora waters Imperium | Royalty 31-October 14 286
ava byul jung Incertus | Wanderers 15-April 16 466
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subtitle if you want it

this is your news announcement for your site, and it can be anything you want! have you ever worried that your announcement threads weren't noticeable enough and may have been overlooked? this was created for that reason!

you can style it to look like whatever you want! all of the css and html codes are in your hands. this will show on the desktop verion of the site, not the mobile version.

if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me!