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 parks, marcus andrew, andy davis; jacob artist; maggie
marcus andrew parks
personal assistent
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: maggie#8471
MSG CHOICE: discord
marcus andrew parks
> 23 > he/him > jacob artist
full name > marcus andrew parks.
prefers >
pronouns > he/nim.
gender > male.
age > twenty-three.
birthday > december 20th.
hometown > chicago.
education > high school, ba in communications & public relations.
languages > english.
occupation > personal assistent.
member group> animus.
spirit> andy davis.
movie> toy story.
request? > this & this
family & platonic
parents >
darius parks, 48, pastor, father
aliyah parks, 46, teacher, mother
sibling(s) >
viveca parks, 18, sister
dion parks, 15, brother
children >
other >
rosa douglass, maternal grandmother
pets >
sexual orientation > pansexual.
romantic orientation > biromantic.
marital status > single.
current >
previous >
favorite film > back to the future.
favorite tv show > saturday night live.
favorite book > 1984.
favorite song > so american by portugal. the man.
favorite emoji > http://files.jcink.net/uploads/fantasiesunwind/emojis/seenoevil.png
favorite color > green & yellow.
likes >
music. hot chocolate. nature. bad comedy movies. reading. rain. cooking. bagels. summer. dogs.
dislikes >
liars. racism. coffee. early mornings. seagulls. mushrooms. winter. loud noises. cheese. bugs.
your birth perfected an already picture perfect family – mother, father and now also son. a few years later, it became son and daughter. and a few years after that, another son.

"look after your siblings, marcus," your father would say. "you are to be their example."

you lived by these words.

growing up, you weren't the most social child – while you did have a handful of friends, you prefered spending most your days in your rooms, playing with your abundance of toys.

either that, or with your siblings.

you never felt the need to go out there, until the school told your parents you needed to socialize more. instead of staying inside, you were forced to go outside, play with other kids.

while at first you did protest, you ended up liking it in the end – and you discovered that you actually enjoy being outside.

for years, you played the part of your parents' perfect boy – you didn't have to try, it came naturally.

you were a good kid, excelled in school as well as your school activities and you never caused any trouble.

so naturally, when you were fifteen and realized you had feeling for your best friend, you didn't tell anyone. didn't act upon it, either.

you asked the girl from your english class out instead. as a way of proving to yourself – as well as your parents – that there was nothing 'wrong' with you.

when you told your parents that you didn't want to go to college, that you wanted to be a writer, they wouldn't hear it.

"writing is not a reliable career," your father said. "a man needs to be able to support his family. writing will not pay your bills, or put food on your table."

you didn't protest it. you hung your head and told him he was right – just like you always did.

it wasn't until you actually went and left for college – packed up all your things (gave away the things you couldn't take) and moved out of your family home – that you started to discover who you really were.

it was hard at first. you grew up with a strict set of rules, a clear way of how things were supposed to be done, and suddenly all of that was gone.

you were free to be your own person, whoever that may be.

you thrived during these four years, slowly shaped into the person you are today – kind, compassionate and open-minded. willing to try new things without fear of judgement.
spirit relation
Much like his movie counterpart, Andy is a kind and compassionate soul. He truly cares for others, especially his siblings (despite the healthy amount of sibling rivalry, ofcourse).

His creativity is especially clear as a child — while making up the most elaborate stories with his collection of toys.

He was a playful and athletic child, too, and recieved many a trophy for sports in high school.

Andy is possessive of his things and has trouble throwing — or giving — stuff away. When he goes to college, however, and moves out of his family home, he ends up giving the things he can't take with him away — just like Andy does at the end of the third movie, when he gives his toy to the little girl.
the player
alias > maggie
pronouns > she/her
age > 23
timezone > gmt
contact > discord
triggers >
other characters >
n/a >
erin's a superhero!
cat central
cat lady
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
Maggie, I've told you I'm excited about him and now that I've read him I'm super excited about him! Andy is precious! His parents have not made his life easy in the sense of expressing himself, but I'm glad that he is slowly coming into his own! I can't wait to see more of that from him and watch him grow as an individual!! Welcome to Fantasies! Don't forget to make your claims!

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