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 time for some trouble, lmao B)
lydia addison bayley
 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 10:25 AM
24 years
meisa kuroki
from princess mononoke
student/vet tech
meggles is Offline / 112 posts / she/her

hello friends it's me, here to cause my baes some problems and emotional pain LMFAO. well okay two out of the three of them anyways b/c nothing bad is allowed to happen to macie for a while okay. anyways~ imma just throw my thoughts out here and if anybody has any characters they've got now or some future baes that could work, holla @ me and i'll love ya forever. you know you're an rper when you tell somebody you'll love them for causing their characters pain pfft so basically for both lydia and kinsley i want their pasts to eventually catch up to them.

lydia had like three years where she just sort of disappeared??? she'd have been like 19-21 during that time and could have been anywhere in cali, since i don't see her straying too far out of state in that time. i have no real headcanons for what she was up to that entire time just that it probably wasn't anything good lmfao. she's trying to get her shit together and is in a p good place in her life for once SO OFC I WANNA TRY TO RUIN THAT. [finger guns]

then for kinsley, well, she left l.a. because the local mafia family tried to kill her after she sold out the mob guy that was blackmailing her. it wouldn't be surprising if they tried to track her down since nobody likes loose ends to be kept alive. she didn't go too far because she figured they wouldn't suspect her to stay close, but that could also just make it easier for somebody to find her. honestly i'd love for some major drama with this so feel free to come for my bae's life literally lmao.

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