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 + uphill battle, ava byul jung
nathaniel christian jackson
nate or nathan
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Waking up, Nate was confused. He wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. There were holograms that helped explain what was going on and he followed whatever it was saying, not realizing just how odd things were. It wasn’t until the hologram was explaining what their new life was going to be like that he realized just how bad things were.

No one else was awake.

He wasn’t sure of what to do and at first just found himself in a heap on the ground, as he slowly began to realize what the rest of his life was going to be like. Nate was going to live the rest of his life alone. He was going to die on that ship.

His breath was shaky, it took a while before he steadied it and tried to figure something out. He tried to send a message out, seeking help.

But, that didn’t work.

He found a manuel and tried his best to fix his hibernation pod, but that didn’t work either.

He really was going to die alone on this ship. The only company he had was the android bartender (someone he couldn’t avoid despite how he struggled with alcohol on Earth).

In a drunken state, he wandered through the room where he should have still been in hibernation. It didn’t take long before he started having a conversation with them. Eventually, he found the passenger logs and was a little more picky about the people he had conversations with, but there was one person that he was drawn to the most, Ava Jung.

Her warm personality made him feel like he wasn’t alone. It made him feel like he could actual survive on this ship and not end everything. But, he slowly began to wish that she was actually there with him, that she wasn’t just a video log. For a long time, he toyed with the idea of waking her. Nate spent more and more time at the bar, trying to have the bartender talk him out of it (or really talk himself out of it), but he couldn’t. He was lonely. He wanted to spend time with someone else.

So, he grabbed some tools and went to wake her up.

As soon as she started waking up, he ran, not wanting to be there, immediately regretting what he just did. He had condemned someone else to death for his own selfish reasons. Ava was now going to die on the ship long before they reached what was supposed to be their new home.

With a shot of whiskey, he made his way outside to see if she had come out yet. She had and she was even more beautiful now. ”Hi,” his voice was quiet as he looked at her, still trying to come to grips with what he had just done, with how he had just ruined her life.


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