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 glass, ashton eleanor, cinderella; margot robbie; shelby
ashton eleanor glass
bakery owner
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: shelby#1789
MSG CHOICE: discord
ashton eleanor glass
FIRST NAME: Ashton means settlement in the ash tree grove. I love my name. Honestly, it's quite fitting I think. It works for me. I sometimes go by Ash but usually it's Ashton. I like that it's a bit of an androgynous name. My mother chose it and I love anything she ever did. I think there was a rugby player she liked or a friend of hers. I can never remember, really.
MIDDLE NAME: Eleanor means sun ray or shining light. My middle name is sort of awful. It's very old school but that's what middle names are for. I never use it unless I'm doing paperwork. I know my father chose it after Eleanor Roosevelt. He wanted me to grow up and be a strong woman so he gave me a strong middle name.
LAST NAME: Glass means literally glass. It's a good thing I'm Australian or I think my last name would have given me trouble growing up Ash Arse doesn't flow quite as well. It's an alright last name. Easy to spell and all. Obviously no one really gave me this name unless you count my mother marrying my father for it. I like it well enough but I won't cry for losing it when I get a married name.

AGE: Twenty Seven. I'm twenty seven. If you're asking me for legal documentation at least. If you're asking me for the fun of it, it's none of your dang business. I prefer not to talk about my age as I do look a bit older than I actually am. Always have. It's not the nicest as you age but it was conveinient when I was younger.

SPIRIT: Cinderella. third person Ashton has no idea about her spirit or that spirits exist. She shares similarities in appearance, personality and past. They are both blonde haired blue eyed stunning women with awful stepmothers who used them to do the work they needed to be done even if it wasn't what was fair. They're both very kind people who never stop dreaming about what could be and where their life may take them. Always hopeful for something better.

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual. This is a bit complicated for those who don't understand sex work. While I have been sexually active with women, it has never meant anything to me. I'm not particularly fond of it and I don't find it as fun as being sexually active with men. That being said, the women who I have been sexually active with were ones who were paying me for sex. They may not be the most sexually talented group of women. I identify myself as heterosexual but I do have sex with women when it's business only.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single. It isn't easy being a sex worker and dating. I'm also fairly new to the area. I don't have a huge draw to a relationship anytime soon but I could see it happening as long as my partner is understanding of the life I lead. Someday, I'd like to be married with kids and a white picket fence. That's the dream. To love and be loved. To have a family of my very own.

RELIGION: Christian. My father was Christian and my mother was Lutheran. Together they decided to raise me as a Christian. I believe in God and Jesus Christ. And I am definitely practicing. I like to think I'm a pretty liberal and open minded Christian but it is very much a large part of my life. I love God. He has helped me through so much. Praying was my escape in my darkest times and is my reason for forward movement. I have to have faith.

POLITICS: Open minded. My views are a bit skewed because I'm not American. It's hard to say what category I fall into anymore. I believe in the right to gay marriage and the right to choose whether or not an abortion is right for you. I think the drinking age should be lowered to 18 considering 21 is a ridiculous age. And I believe that soft drugs like Marijuana should be legal. Hard drugs like heroin and cocaine should stay illegal though. I think that a large amount of the budget should go towards Education, things like parks and roads, and the emergency centers. I want to feel safe in a beautiful place where people aren't idiots.

HAIR: Blonde. My hair is a light golden blonde, a little past shoulder length and naturally wavy. I usually wear it up in a quick updo or bun or just naturally. I don't like how it looks in a ponytail. But when I work I have to pull it back. The secret to it's shiny and smooth texture is baby shampoo. It works really well to get chlorine out of hair so it doesn't turn green and it's always left my hair so soft. I tend to grow it out in the summers and wear it shorter in the winters. I never ever dye it unless it's temporary. And sometime I'll do something special with it. Not often.

EYES: Blue. I have my father's blue eyes. My eyes are pretty round and large. My eyelashes make them look much bigger though. I think they're a little too close together for my taste. But with my thin nose it provides a little balance. I would describe their color as a medium aqua. They're not very bright. And they have a hint of green to them. But I consider them blue.

FACE: According to all those magazines, I have a square shaped face. Which is weird. Because I wouldn't describe it that way. I have a pretty face. Nice cheekbones. A jaw that isn't too harsh but too soft either. A reasonably proportional forehead. And I suppose my nose and lips are just fine. My lips are a pretty full and plump. But my cupid's bow is somewhat understated. My nose is on the larger side in my personal opinion. Could be smaller. I inherited my mother's button nose. I just have a generally really pretty face. I don't like to wear much makeup. And when I do it varies. Most of the time it's very simple. I like the no makeup makeup look and I love lipsticks. Sometimes, I'll play around with something fun. Or let a friend do my makeup.
BODY: Thin. I'm proud of my figure. I'm 5'6" and slender. But I definitely have curves. My legs are long and lean. And I get comments on them often. Though I've never been into any sports, I like to exercise and walk to keep fit. I'm toned with a 32 B chest and a butt my mother can be proud of. My mother was a beautiful woman with the body of a swimsuit model and I was lucky enough to get her looks. It balances out all the pie.
CLOTHING: Fashion forward. I love to dress up or down but I always dress as fashion forward as I can afford to. Thrifting is something I've fallen in love with since moving to the states. It'a a lot easier to do here. I'm almost always wearing heels. I hate flats. Hate them. I only wear them if I absolutely have to, like going for a walk or working. I'm always willing to try out a daring outfit though or something fun. Usually I'd say I'm casual chic and I much prefer dresses and skirts to pants.

AMBITIOUS; meaning eagerly desirous of obtaining success: Ashton is an extremely hard working person. She hates when people are lazy and doesn't understand how they can be. She's been working her hardest since her mother passed. She knows what she wants and will do her best to try and get it. She works until the work is done or it's been made apparent that the work can never be done. She is almost always doing something productive. And if she isn't then it usually means that the work is done for the day. If there is cleaning to be done then she won't be able to go to sleep without cleaning first.

CARING; meaning feeling concern and empathy for others: Ashton is nothing but caring. When first meeting her, you might expect her to have ten younger siblings. She feels like she has to take care of others and make them feel better. If she notices that you aren't feeling on the top of your game she will try to make you smile. She commonly offers to be someone to talk to for others even if she isn't that close to them. Some may say that her reactions to bad situations is worrying and she definitely does enough of that but she doesn't like to think of it as worrying. She likes to think about it as caring what happens to those around her.

FANCIFUL; meaning overimaginative and unrealistic: Ashton can be a bit of a dreamer. Most might look at how her life has been and determine that there's no hope she can ever be happy. She's hopeful that with hard work then anything can happen. She can tend to be unrealistic when it comes to things like her future. She knows that picturing this fairytale life is silly but she refuses to give up her dreams that she'll be the exception that makes the rule when it comes to fairytales never coming true. She uses these positive thoughts to help get her through the negative ones.

SELFLESS; meaning having no concern for oneself but for others: Ashton has never been a selfish person. She has always put others first. It goes with how caring she is. She knows how much she can handle and not how much others can handle so she'd rather deal with the bad things, knowing that she can withstand them, then force those bad things upon anyone else. She would rather do favors for the rest of her life and not be able to achieve her dreams then step on everyone's face on her climb up the ladder. She will often go out of her way to help others even if it inconveniences herself.

LIKES: Cooking, singing, cleaning, dancing, cuddling, raspberry svedka with cranberry juice, her mother's possessions, relaxing, mice, seafood, the beach, summer, dressing up, going out, having people over, pink orchids, firecracker popcorn, surprises, celebrations, stilettos, pie, cats, dogs, all sorts of music, rugby, Australian football, dancing, kids, especially babies, learning, books, animal shelters, warm weather, hiking, Starbucks, caffeine, road trips, travel, thrifting, the outdoors, experimenting with food, parades, weddings, sightseeing, being touched, and bubble baths.
HABITS/QUIRKS: Ashton has the cleanest house you've ever seen, she must have the place clean and dishes are done immediately after dinner. She never misses a Titans or Suns game. Has an Australian accent but tries to hide it when she can and corrects herself if she says something with too strong of an accent. Always has her nails painted. Offers to cook for everyone and their mother.
STRENGTHS: Dom work, reliability, independence, putting others first, physically fit, knows how to make any food taste good, can cheer people up easily, empathetic, great hugger, and a great team worker.

GOALS: Getting a college degree, marriage and children, a successful pie shop, to eventually leave sex work entirely.

STUBBORN; meaning refusing to move or change one's opinion: Ashton is as stubborn as a mule cemented to the ground. When she decides something she will not sway. She is very much set in her ways and the only reason she would budge is if someone very close to her convinced her to change her mind on the matter. But convincing her isn't very easy. She will argue her point until the other person gives up or they both die of starvation. She doesn't like to acknowledge that she is wrong and she will not admit it unless she truly believes it.

BLUNT; meaning direct and outspoken: If there is something that needs to be said then Ashton will say it loud and proud. She is sometimes brutally honest. She is very straight to the point about what needs to be said and doesn't like to beat around the bush about topics. As long as she feels comfortable about the subject she will be straight with you. If she is avoiding the subject or being slow to answer then she doesn't like talking about it and might not be willing to talk about it for a while.

OBSESSIVE; meaning of the nature of an obsession: While she's never been diagnosed with OCD or anything of the like, Ashton can often become obsessed with things. Especially things like cooking or cleaning. When they need to be done, she focuses almost entirely on them with little abilitiy to do much else. She must get what needs to be done, done. Or it will drive her mad.

CONTROLLING; meaning determine the behavior or supervise the running of: Ashton is a very controlling person, as most dominatrixes probably are. For most of her life, she had no control over anything. Now that she is on her own, she wants control over everything. Even things that she might not be able to control. It aggravates her to no end when she doesn't have control over an aspect of her life.

DISLIKES: Debt, being taken advantage of, loss of control, her step mother, early mornings, cold weather, carnations, American's hatred of the c word, being embarrassed, prudes, the taste of cough drops, public transportation, paisley, flyaway hairs, humidity and avocado.

FEARS: Having to move back home, having to see her step mother again, losing her father, losing her sisters, losing anything that belongs to her mother, failure.

WEAKNESSES: Day dreaming, being too stubborn, being fussy with things, her lack of trust for others, caring about people, getting her hopes up, and wishing upon stars.

SECRETS: She loves dominatrix work and might actually like it more than baking but she feels like she can't tell anyone outside of sex work about it or her past. She hopes that someday she finds a man who she could have a romantic relationship and a BDSM relationship with.

PARENTS: Marie and John Glass are Ashton's parents. Both incredibly kind people but not the luckiest. Marie was a very talented baker who managed her own pie shop just like Ashton now does. When Ashton was 12, there was a car accident and Marie didn't survive. John was scarred but managed. Four years later, he met a woman who he thought was worthy of inviting into their family. Trudence Glass, is Ashton's stepmother. She was an awful woman who involved Ashton in awful things much too young. Ashton still hates her very much and has completely cut her out of her life. She still talks to her father sometimes, usually around holidays, but in his words, he might as well be dead to her for marrying someone else. Ashton doesn't believe that at all but he feels it to be true.
TRIPLET SISTERS: Ashton is a triplet. Her two sisters, Doris and Ana, are very much different then her. Growing up they struggled with Ashton being the prettiest by far and also generally a nicer person. When their step mother came into the picture, Ashton hated her and Doris and Ana welcomed her with open arms. They never took her side, they always went against her. All the same, they're her triplets. She loves them dearly even if they don't always get along well. They're just very different people.

CHILDHOOD: Raised in the Gold Coast of Australia, Ashton was the first of the triplets to be born by 6 minutes. Also making her the oldest of the Glass family and Marie and John's first born. That meant something. Growing up, she always attempted to take charge, only for her sisters to team up against her to get their way. She never got to be in charge even as the oldest. It was always 2 against 1. Unless their mother was involved. Their mother always sided with her little lovely Ashton. Every single time. They weren't a rich family but they were fine. Marie's business provided the majority of the income for them. She worked a lot but much of it was from home so she was able to spend a lot of time with the girls. Whenever Ashton was allowed, she was baking with her mother. Or spending time with her at all. Whether it was cleaning, home schooling, baking, or cooking, Ashton wanted to be right by her mother's side. She was 12 when tragedy struck and Marie and John got into a horrible car accident. Marie passed and John was badly injured but recovered. Ashton wasn't the same after that and neither was the family. All of the girls were devastated but with the family's source of income gone, John had to make tough decisions about money. They had very little of it. Insurance covered enough that they wouldn't lose the house and John was able to pay for basic necessities with his office job. There were no more new clothes or baking pies. The bakery shut down and they did what they could to sell it. Ashton was a wreck but decided it was her job to take care of the house. She took over cleaning and as much cooking as a pre teen was allowed to do. The girls started public schooling and the adjustment was another massive one. Ashton was alright at school. She wasn't spectacular but she did well enough. Things were becoming okay. They were continuing to live on.

TEENAGE YEARS: Her teenage years were where Ashton's least favorite person entered the picture. A few short years after the death of their mother, Ashton and her sisters gained a stepmother. She was awful. She demanded even more of Ashton than she was already doing. She never had time for socialization, nor was she allowed to. If Ashton wanted to be the head of house and help with everything, then she'd be treated like an adult with responsibilities. There was no time for fun for her. Her sisters, however, were out nearly every night of their teenage lives. They loved to shove it in her face too. The bias was obvious to all but John. He never seemed to understand what Ashton was talking about when she complained about her stepmother. He waived it all off as angsty teenager issues. She had money. The family was able to afford more than just the essentials again. He needed her around and Ashton often thought, that meant he turned a blind eye to some of her less than savory activities. Including grooming Ashton to join her business. Trudence was a brothel owner who needed younger girls. What John never realized was that Ashton joining the business would be part of their marriage. As Ashton got close to 18, Trudence treated her better and better, taking some of the responsibilities off her hands and improving their relationship heavily. She even allowed her to go out with friends. Ashton was hopeful that things would be getting much better.

ADULTHOOD IN AUSTRALIA: Luck was not Ashton's thing. Things did not get much better. Upon turning 18, she was told that if she wanted any help with schooling, a place to live or getting a job, she would be joining the brothel. Ashton hadn't been very sexually active before. She lost her virginity at 16 but only had a couple of boyfriends when she could convince her father and step mother to allow her to date. Now she was to be a professional sex worker. Without much of a choice, Ashton joined the business. And to her shock it was actually something she enjoyed. In Australia, prostitution in brothels is heavily regulated. She was always safe, tested, and with the exception of the ultimatum, she wasn't taken advantage of. As she got a bit older, she became involved in fetish work. She found that she was very good at being a dominant partner in BDSM scenarios. It became her specialty and she loved it. She finally had control. She was able to tell people what to do, where to be, what she wanted from them and they would do it. And they enjoyed it. If she wanted her shoes spitshined, they were. If she wanted someone to pleasure her for hours, they were. While they were still clients whose needs were met, it allowed her a freedom she hadn't had in years. Even her stepmother couldn't control her in that room. Ashton knew it wouldn't last forever though. Sleeping with people for money wasn't something that would be as lucrative when she was older. Ashton had dreams and she wanted to chase them. She continued to set aside money in an attempt to make sure that she could get out of the business. It took a couple of years before she was able to save up enough money to move out on her own but she stayed with the brothel until she was 24, when she left her home country possibly for good.

SAN DIEGO LIFE: And here Ashton was, 24 and alone in a country she had never been to before. America was the place where dreams were made though. It took so long for her to obtain a visa that she researched where she should live heavily. Southern California was almost always top of the list. San Diego ended up being the perfect place. It had taken her so long to save that when she was able to come to the states, she was able to actually buy a condo and start working on her business plan to start her own bakery. When she left home, she took every one of her mother's recipes with her. She had been saving them. The only problem was that with moving costs, visa costs and all the other living expenses, she wasn't able to open it just yet and her only other job experience was in prostitution. Which isn't legal in America and would promptly get her kicked out of the country. Ashton had sex worker contacts stateside and with some coordination she was able to find an option for her. Dominatrix work was much of the same she had been doing but without the sex. Honestly, it sounded even better for her. And it could still be regulated pretty heavily. Less risk. It's now three years later and Ashton has settled into San Diego, made it a second home for herself and established her dominatrix business. She's finally save enough that she will be opening her pie shop this week. Life is finally good.
cinderella from cinderella
occupation: bakery owner/dominatrix
pronouns: she/her
birthday: june 3rd, 1990
age: 27
face claim: margot robbie
membergroup: imperium
5 positive traits: ambitious, caring, fanciful, selfless, resilient
5 negative traits: stubborn, blunt, obsessive, controlling, damaged
played by shelby
erin's a superhero!
cat central
cat lady
PRONOUNS: she/her
MSG NAME: air bear #9821
MSG CHOICE: discord
Shelby, I really love what you've done with her! You had an interesting idea, you ran with it, and you crushed it! I'm really excited to see what else you do with her and how she ends up developing, if she gets out of sex work or if she sticks with it because she really doesn't mind it. I'm honestly just excited to see her and everything that can be possible with her! Don't forget to make your claims!

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