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Keep an eye on this section because it will be filled with important updates that you will need to know such as: activity checks, updates to the rules, information about site events, etc.

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If you are a guest and have a certain question for the admins or a member that has a suggestion to make the site better than feel free to post your questions or ideas here. we want to make this site the best fit possible for you, so we would love your suggestions for it.

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In here you can find the thread to post if you have a dead thread or a completed one. You can also archive a character if muse is no longer working for you. The points system information is also in here!
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Do you have a wonderful spirit in mind, but don't know who to use? Or the other way around where you have a playby, but no spirit? Post here and surely someone will help you figure it out. This area is open for anyone to post in.
last post in Pairing It Up on Oct 2 2017, 09:23 PM by nell van durst
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New to the site? This will probably be your first stop as an actual member. You will post your application here and an admin will get to it as soon as possible.
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The lovely characters who have been accepted will be placed here. If you want to get to know them make sure to stop by here.
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Sometimes it gets hard to keep track of all those threads. Create a post here to help you keep track of all of that.
last post in ❥ luna's on Yesterday at 09:17 pm by adella serena waters
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Since open threads tend to get lost in the midst of other threads they now get their own board in hopes they won't be forgotten about! In the topic description just put the name of the board is taking place.
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Most people have a cell phone attached to their hands. It is a vital key to keep in touch with those around you. So, don’t just check the game scores make sure to call and text those loved ones.
last post in i wood if i could on Today at 08:31 am by nathaniel christian jackson
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Some people need to write down their feelings in order to help express themselves. However, one just needs to be careful that they don’t keep it out in the open or who knows what could happen.
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Letters have almost become obsolete due to current technology; however, sometimes it is better to write a letter to someone rather than email them. Maybe you have a penpal that you connect with. Pen and paper can make a big difference don't be afraid to write.
last post in * love is patient, love is ... on Mar 27 2017, 10:14 PM by maverick eachann o'connor
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An application is great for getting to know yours character, but sometimes there is something else you want to do to get to know them better. Maybe a survey or a compilation of things you have learned about them from games. Anything you can think of may be placed in here.
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Friday the 13th has always been a day when superstitious people are cautious about what they do, certain that bad luck would follow them. San Diego has seen more bad luck than most. Every Friday the 13th the people of San Diego seem to remember another life. Some of them wake up the next day and think it's a dream, while others remember and know what they experienced was true. This year, San Diego residents find themselves in a whole new world. They are in a town that is obsessed with Halloween. So obsessed the name of the town is Halloween Town. Looking around, there are skeletons, actual skeletons, driving. Everything is different and like an odd dream. However, it gets more confusing, they aren't in the body that they know. They are in a different body. They are in a body that they have possibly dreamed about or experienced before on another Friday the 13th or some other odd event. They are in their spirits body and wandering around Halloween Town, unsure of how they got there or how to get home.
last post in + normal is vastly overrated on Oct 15 2017, 10:46 PM by nathaniel christian jackson
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Fall has started! For many, they are eager to change some of the decor in their house to give it a different feel. They are ready for hot chocolate and pumpkin flavored things. The fall festival gives them a chance to do just that! This festival will give people the chance to try some of their favorite pumpkin flavored things and drink hot chocolate. People will have come from all around to show off their homemade items that you can purchase. Some local bands will be providing entertainment. But, don't count kids out from this either. There will be inflatable bounce houses for them to enjoy! The fall festival is an event for everyone, so come out and celebrate fall with us!
last post in + i'll be right there on Oct 1 2017, 08:53 PM by levi haruto castelo
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Going to pick pumpkins is part of a holiday tradition for some. The pumpkin patch is ready to be looked through to find your perfect pumpkin, but that is not all! For the little ones, there is a little playground to enjoy. There is a massive slide and a little train that goes around the area they can enjoy. It's guaranteed to be a fun experience for everyone!
last post in sunshine on my shoulders on Oct 12 2017, 10:03 AM by julien rémy laurent
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Halloween is a time to party (or scare people depending on who you ask). The annual monster bash is back and ready to let everyone party. You can come in your best costume and enter the costume contest where there will be a cash prize! Bands will be there to give you the chance to dance enjoy the spooky show. October 28th the party is going to be going on through the night at the Gaslamp Quarters, so don't miss out.
last post in Halloween Costumes 2017! on Yesterday at 02:01 pm by fallon layla phillips
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Needing a night out on the town? A bit of drinking and dancing never hurt anyone. Check out some of the hottest places to spend the night and maybe learn a few new tricks. The night is a wild thing and San Diego's a big city. Anything can happen when the lights go down.
last post in * hips don't lie on Oct 15 2017, 06:55 PM by logan alexander blythe
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Balboa Park is massive park filled with many things to do and do. Whether you want to see a museums, go on a hike, or look a a beautiful garden these acres of land are sure to have something that will catch your eye.
last post in ♔ THE KIDS WERE WRONG on Oct 11 2017, 10:21 AM by rhiannon avery renard
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Fun in the sun is only half the story. The other half is making sure that the volleyball doesn't get sucked into the ocean's current. Put on the suntan lotion, lay down your blanket, and build a sand castle. There are just as many ways to have fun on dry land as there are in the ocean.
last post in ❥ chasing the surf on Yesterday at 05:28 pm by violetta sophia everett
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If you've broken the law and need a lawyer this is your chance to grab one. Your pet is suddenly ill and needs a vet or you've have a little too much to drink and you are eager to finally get that ink on your skin you have always been wanting. No matter the case this is the place to search.
last post in show me a smile on Oct 15 2017, 09:11 PM by logan alexander blythe
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Bowling, movies, laser tag, mini golf: a night out on the town full of fun is what lies ahead.
last post in ❥ feeling 22 on Yesterday at 08:11 pm by adella serena waters
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Emergencies happen and sometimes the hospital is the only place to go. Head on over to one of the local hospitals for any medical need you may have. The staff will treat you well and there might be an even more interesting city lurking just behind the glass doors with the new interns in town.
last post in * small bump on Oct 8 2017, 12:01 AM by emmett cardamom castle
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Take a hike and embrace the wilderness. There are plenty of places to get outdoors around San Diego whether it's fishing, swimming, biking, or whatever else it is a person wants. Get active, stay active, and it can start today with a half hour in any of San Diego's many nature hotspots.
last post in ❥ covered in paint on Yesterday at 05:18 pm by violetta sophia everett
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Everyone lives somewhere. From the rich to the poor and the popular to the not so popular, homes are dabbled throughout the entire city. East side, West side, North, South, none of it matters except for those who call it home.
last post in ♔ SHEER HEART ATTACK on Today at 01:03 pm by chloe anne davis
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The cupboards run low on food, the milk is gone, and it's at that point that San Diego residents head out to grab some food. Be it fast food or five star, it's all going to wind up in the same place. Maybe a bit of dancing can be found at the higher end destinations of this lot.
last post in we found the groove on Yesterday at 12:52 pm by logan alexander blythe
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Foreign furry creatures conveniently brought from around the world to what could be considered San Diego's backyard. Visit them and perhaps take a ride or two on the camels or elephants. Travel the world without the cost of the plane ticket right here at the San Diego Zoo.
last post in my name's BLURRYFACE on Oct 6 2017, 09:54 AM by maverick eachann o'connor
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From a young age, a person begins to learn new things. As they grow older they learn more and more whether it is through their own experience or from what a teacher has taught them. School is for people of all ages. Anyone can learn if they only open up their mind.
last post in + clouds on Oct 8 2017, 05:12 PM by levi haruto castelo
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Aquatic animals for all to see. Visit Sea World and Shamu might be in the near future. A fun destination for locals and tourists alike, it's a show no one should want to miss.
last post in swim along now on Yesterday at 09:08 pm by logan alexander blythe
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The thing that makes the world go round: shopping. It happens year round holiday or not and sales are constantly knocking prices lower and lower. Head out on a shopping spree at any of the local stores in San Diego.
last post in ♔ HIDING IN DAYDREAMS on Oct 15 2017, 04:41 PM by pacifica elise northwest
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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a bus, so the truth is no one really knows. But, it could always be an interesting place to meet someone or even be spontaneous. Go buy a random plane ticket or follow the cute girl you saw get on the bus. Anything could happen on a little journey.
last post in + 'cause you live life on Dec 4 2016, 07:05 PM by woodrow clint pride
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If it hasn't been listed, the thread should likely go in here. Anywhere around San Diego that didn't fit into the above categories will fit right in with this forum. If anything, places like the circus or the movie theater are a great way to go.
last post in + bright beautiful tomorrow on Oct 9 2017, 08:42 PM by jocelyn noelle soloman
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Got a future event you're dying to see? Does a character want to go back and relive a particular memory? Write in here your character's past and future parts of their lives be it happy, sad, or a combination of both.
last post in death of a bachelor on Today at 03:07 pm by lysias hyperion ádis
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What if your character didn't take a certain path in their life that led them to be different from who they are today? This is a wonderful board where you can test that out. You could even have you characters as their Disney counterparts here if you so please.
last post in ♔ MOBSCENE on Yesterday at 07:09 pm by erica sonnet bastille
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Pretty self explanatory. Everyone needs an escape and traveling is a great way to relieve stress. Take a vacation in Tahiti or go on a safari in Zambia. Just be sure to take the character along for the ride!
last post in + aloha on Oct 14 2017, 02:06 AM by spencer kenna blythe
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You can talk about anything here. Just make sure that whatever you do talk about here it is polite. We have manners make sure to us them.
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Games all around! They can be in character or out of character. Just make sure no to abuse this section.
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remember that sweet new feature we announced? the plot buttons? well here is where you can post plot buttons for people to use! you could also open up shop for suggestions for the people who may not be so graphically oriented. now go, create those wonderful plot buttons!
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This is the only area that advertisements should be placed in. If found anywhere else they will be deleted. Please when posting make sure to post in the correct forum.
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If you would like to affiliate with us than don't be afraid to post here! scroll to the bottom of the page to see all of our affiliates!

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All the old threads will be moved here.

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