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 + homecoming, dominic austin forbes
beau forest rain
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Beau was out spending some long overdue time with friends. They’d had plenty of drinks as they sat at the bar and caught up with one another. As usual, when they were together they were laughing and having a good time. They had played a couple games of pool together, the first one for fun and the second as a determination for the losing team to win.

And after losing for a second time, Beau was sent to the bar to get another round of drinks.

Shoving his way to the bar, he tried to get the bartender's attention, continually bumping into the man next to him due to his drunken state. ”Hey. Have you gotten another drink yet?” Beau asked, his eyes glasses over, giving away just how much he had to drink already. It took a moment, but the longer he looked at the guy, the more familiar he seemed, but he couldn’t put a finger on why.

”Wait! Do I know you?” His words slurred slightly as he looked at the blond man with the crystal blue eyes, trying to place where he knew him from.

dominic austin forbes

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