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 less than my freedom, zelda/seiji
lydia addison bayley
 Posted: Jun 7 2017, 01:06 AM

lydia addison bayley

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the hospital was a place where lydia found herself quite a lot. it used to be that she landed herself there after getting injured from doing something careless and impulsive in a state of rage. while that still happened every now and again it was becoming a less frequent habit of hers, thankfully. her reasoning for visiting the hospital now was to stop and see tora and, recently, she'd also make food to bring to him when she got the chance. with school being over she had more free time, especially since her job wasn't quite as hectic as her boyfriend's, so it wasn't uncommon for her to pop in once or twice a week.

today was one of those days and she was headed on her way out. she wasn't in any great rush to leave - all she had planned after this was grocery shopping and going on a run with moro - so she paused a moment in a quiet hallway to send a text to her sister. she didn't see much of sophia lately but they at least talked on the phone a lot still. once she'd hit send lydia glanced back up at her surroundings. at the far end of the corridor there was only one other person that didn't seem to pay her any mind, but they caught her attention. she had no clue what the boy was doing but he had that aura about him that said he was up to something he shouldn't be.

her eyes narrowed suspiciously as she watched him. it almost looked like he was sneaking out, something which she knew very well from having done it so many times in her youth. maybe he was a patient here? she didn't pay enough attention to the residents of the hospital to be able to recognize most of them; their health was a private matter and she wasn't about to get nosy and start people watching the sick folk. of course, if this kid was sick and trying to escape it probably wasn't a good idea: he might be contagious or something.

he was only in her sights for a couple of seconds before he disappeared and in that time lydia decided to follow him. she didn't want to cause any trouble but if he was doing something bad she figured she should at least try to stop him; or help, depending on the situation. she knew the layout of the building well enough that she could cut through and head him off. she turned a corner and headed through a side wing, popping into the hallway the boy had gone down not far ahead of him. "hey, kid," she called out, hoping she wouldn't spook him and send him running or anything. she leaned against the wall casually, crossing her arms. "everything okay?"

notes: seiji matsuda lmao i'm sorry we all know how hard starters can be so have a crappy post ilu
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