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 + clouds, october riley harwood
levi haruto castelo
 Posted: Oct 8 2017, 05:12 PM

levi haruto castelo

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october riley harwood

It was getting deeper into the semester and Levi knew what that meant for October - stress. Levi didn’t want her to sit there and be stressed out over everything. She needed to have a bit of fun, or at least a few moments where she could relax and not worry about it. So, he was going to try and do that.

Heading to the school, he carefully snuck into her class, trying to do so without her noticing (but he was pretty certain that he had failed to do so). Levi tried to listen, but he had no idea what she was talking about. All of it seemed so over his head, but he tried. Maybe he would pick up something that would make a little more sense when they talked. Maybe he wouldn’t need the explanation for some things.

Class was over and the students started to filter out. Levi headed up to the front of the class with a smile on his face. ”Surprise!” He said with his arms outstretched. ”Did you see me come in?” Levi hoped that she didn’t, but if she did, he’d just make sure that he was more careful next time. ”I thought that we could go get something to eat and relax for a little bit! We could go to Dave n Busters and play some games!” There were some games in there that Levi wa certain were begging for a new high score. He wasn’t sure that he could do it, but he was ready to try!


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