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 TOWNSEND, SETH MATTHEW, mater; tyler hoechlin; fyre
 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 05:17 PM
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seth matthew townsend
thoughts on seth

“I love seth townsend; he’s a very friendly young man. when he comes by my restaurant he always says hello and asks me about my day and really listens. Not like most people who just ask and then ignore you or make excuses to leave quickly. But not seth he is so open to talking to everyone in the restaurant. he is always so nice to everyone as if he works there. It’s very sweet. He has a good heart and I hope he stays that way.”

“I’ve known him since we were kids, he’s my cousin. Well he’d one of them. Anyway we talk all of the time. Growing up so far away from each other and only seeing each other in the summer or on holidays was kind of hard. We would drift apart but when we reunited he was always there ready to be friends and family again. He always was on my side even when I was wrong and lying; although he didn’t know it. But even when people tried to prove us wrong he would stick to his guns and my side. That’s the kind of the guy he is. Loyal to the very end and I love that about him.”

“I remember when he was in my class, he was so disruptive. I couldn’t even concentrate with the lesson of the day without him making jokes or saying something that made me send him to the principal’s office. There is a time and place for that and he never knew or understood that the classroom was neither. He pulled a few pranks at the school and I know around his neighborhood; because I lived near him at the time. I hope he has grown out of that phase in life and can now be more serious. But then again he was never the brightest crayon in the box so who knows.”

"seth townsend, i know the guy. if i was on who wants to be a millionaire and he was the person they called for me; i would just walk or kiss the money good bye. the guy is dumb. it's like he has the mind of a child or something. he is so naive. i once told him that it was chilly outside he wanted a bowl and spoon. but seriously he dropped out in the ninth grade and if the question isn't about cars he doesn't know it."

"i know most people that get their cars towed are pissed and angry and take it out on the driver. but i was one of those customers that was stuck in a ditch and needed to be pulled out. seth was just passing by and i was on the phone with AAA and he offered his help. it was a miracle. he helped me get out of the ditch and while he said his father was going to be mad, he did it for free."

"Never have i seen someone that never has a bad day. he is always thinking or talking about how great this is or that. he sees the good in everybody and that often ends up with him being taking advantage of; but that doesn't stop him from doing it again. he is always looking at the silver lining or living in his little daydream world to really see that the world can be a bad place."

"I think something is wrong with him. He once told me this full story of how he was a volunteer fireman and once there was this huge fire and he jumped out of the fourth story window onto the ground and he landed on his feet; which led him to being scouted by a gymnast coach for the Olympic team and before he could answer he had to save a cat from a tree but when he came back the coach was gone and that was how he missed the chance to be on the olympic team."

family life

father: his father was always somewhat distant from seth. they were never close and most people think its because he has so many of his mother's features. since he was a baby he was around cars. when he was a baby his father always gave him toy cars. he never helped seth with his homework or anything and seth fell behind and sort of zoned out of school. when seth dropped out in the middle of ninth grade; his dad gave him a choice. to go back to school, start working for him or to get out. seth choose work; but they still didn't really develop a real relationship but they started to talk and drink together and that was good enough for seth.

mother: seth's mother walked out with a man when he was five years old. he doesn't really remember her but he often dreams and tells people how she visits him or how they are very close and how much he loves her. he doesn't hate or anything he is just waiting for her to come back home.

cousin: in total seth has four cousins. two live in florida, one lives in tennessee and the other lives in alabama. their grandmother still lives there and so they would all be shipped off for the summer and some holidays to alabama. as they got older some of the other cousins stopped coming around. so that left seth and his cousin luke to become best friends. they would cow tip and drink and have fun together whenever they got together. he considers him one of his best friends.

mater from cars
occupation: tow truck driver
pronouns: he/him
birthday: janurary 12, 1989
age: twenty-eight
face claim: tyler hoechlin
membergroup: fidelis
5 positive traits: sweet, caring, giving, optimistic, friendly
5 negative traits: naive, embellishes, forgetful. clueless, fearful
played by fyre
 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 07:20 PM
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and he is all done.
combat the wombat
 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 08:47 PM
21 years
a cutie
from team instinct
being sleepy
straight af
combat shotgun is Online / 158 posts / queen

oh goodness, what an adorable, naive young man. his spirit as mater really shines through in seth, from his love of automobiles, his optimistic, cheerful personality, and just how naive he is through life. he just wants to do what he loves the most, but even that altruism is going to bite him in the butt eventually, and hopefully he'd be able to handle that when the time comes. i'm excited to see seth's adventures in san diego! welcome to fantasies, fyre, and don't forget your claims!
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